Could your pub or restaurant benefit from a wood burning stove?

Here at Fireplace Products we not only work closely with members of the general public to help them find the perfect wood burning stove for them, but also businesses.

Restaurants, pubs and other businesses that enjoy the cosy ambience created by a stove to draw customers in and create atmosphere often ask us for advice – how do they go about keeping the wood burning stove fully operational and how to keep it safe. We hope to compile as much advice into this blog post as possible.

Much like having a stove for domestic use, a stove in a commercial space needs to serve the purpose of looking great whilst providing the necessary output of heat to be beneficial.

With this in mind, the first step to consider when looking for a stove for your restaurant or pub is to know whether you want it for heating as well as aesthetic, or just purely for its looks. A larger stove may give you a great flame picture but if your premises is only small, the heat may prove to be too much. In this instance, an electric stove, which provides the glow of a fire but without the heat, which may be all you need in certain environments.

Likewise, if you require heat from your stove as well as aesthetic, then you need to ensure you are able to calculate the kilowatt output you need for your room. Calculate the volume of your room and divide by 14 to give you the kW output you need your wood burning stove to produce, but here is a blog on choosing the right stove for you to help you with the equation.

Another thing to consider is the location of your stove. It is important to ensure it is safely kept out of reach of children and not protruding out in a way that could mean customers come into contact with it. A fire guard could be a simple solution to this.

wood burning stove fire guard
Manor Classic Crescent Fire Guard

Also, customers have a tendency to want to fiddle with fire and many will happily take it upon themselves to ‘throw another log on.’ This can see you run out of fuel very quickly and risk over firing your stove, so be sure you can keep the bulk of your fuel away from people too. Another solution to this is to consider stoves with removable handles, so customers are unable to open the door of the wood burning stove. Whilst on the subject of fuel, this brings us to our next point: fuel storage.

Although it may look aesthetically pleasing, stacking your logs up against the stove is very dangerous. Many people fill the gap around a stove with piles of logs, which can cause a fire due to the extreme heat of the stove and tinder dry wood. A spark may leave the firebox when you are refuelling and nestle into the wood, meaning you could burn your premises down. In the event of a fire, if your stove has not been kept a safe distance from combustibles and been signed off by a HETAS registered engineer or Building Control, you could invalidate your insurance. The safe distance to combustibles will be included in the product’s instructions.

Instead of storing your wood close to the stove, purchase a stylish wall mounted or freestanding log store. Not only do they look great, they help keep your wood neatly and safely stacked.

wood burning stove Ferrari Opus Focus Lumen Wall Mounted Log Holder
Ferrari Opus Focus Lumen Wall Mounted Log Holder

Once you have made these considerations, it is time to choose your wood burning stove. We find many businesses enjoy double-sided stoves, which looks great in a dividing wall or even in the middle of a large room. But don’t stop there.

We offer three-sided stoves, corner stoves, inset, built-in and wall-mounted stoves. Each carry with it a certain aesthetic that can really broaden the style of your businesses interior. Consider how you want your stove to work with the businesses. If your restaurant or bar is modern in style, then a contemporary styled wood burning stove would be better suited, and likewise, an old-fashioned country pub would benefit from a traditional styled stove.

Even if your premises does not have a chimney, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a stove. Many wood burning stoves are designed to stand centrally in a room with glass on all sides and chimney systems are available to connect off the appliance through the ceiling, so even if you don’t have a chimney it isn’t a problem.

Even on a single-story extension where you don’t have the height for a normal four-metre flue run, chimney fans can be a solution to assist with the draw meaning that you can have a shorter than normal flue run whilst enjoying a roaring fire. This will prevent a lethargic flame and difficulty when trying to keep the fire going.

The sight of burning wood is something many customers enjoy, so it is wise to choose a stove with a large viewing window of the flames within.

In conclusion, a wood burning stove offers a timeless aesthetic that will benefit your pub or restaurant, with a relatively small amount of work.

If you have any questions, please comment below!

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