Wood-ash key weapon against UK slug infestation

banana-slug.jpgNews has emerged this week of an explosion in the UK’s slug population, with one of the warmest winters on record being cited as the reason.

Slugs have not been hibernating thanks to the mild weather, and have been breeding at a speed considerably faster than a snail’s pace.

The slimy critters are thought to be on course to cause ‘devastation for our gardens’, according to BugLife, a conservation charity, with a predicted 10% increase on top of the 20,000 slugs normally found in our gardens.

However wood burning stove owners possess the upper hand when it comes to protecting their gardens from the plant-eating menaces. Wood-ash is an effective way to keep slugs away from the plants. Simply encircle the plant you wish to protect with wood-ash and watch those slugs make tracks out of there. Just make sure you top it up after rain or watering.

This organic, non-toxic alternative is perfect for families with animals and small children who don’t want to put down slug pellets or chemicals, and will not harm the slugs or your soil.

Many people dispose of their cooled ash in their household waste, which is fine, but it is also a waste of a great natural by-product which has many uses. We recommend you use only wood ash and not multifuel, treated wood, coal or paper ash as this may have detrimental results. We also suggest avoiding the internet recipes for making soap from wood ash. This is because it involves making lye, which can be very, very corrosive if you get it wrong.

Find more uses for wood-ash here.

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