Wiking Stoves – Now more affordable than ever!

Wiking Stoves Price Drop

Wiking Stoves now more affordable than ever

Wiking Stoves Price Drop

Nothing gets us excited like an opportunity to pass on huge savings to our customers. So when we heard the news that Wiking Stoves were dropping their prices in the UK for 2017 by as much as £200 on selected models, we knew we wanted to let the world know straight away (before they changed their minds).

Wiking Automatic air supply
Wiking’s heat-sensitive bimetallic spring

Wiking are made by master stove builders Hwam, who are known for their over engineered high quality products that feature a self regulating air control system known as autopilot. This with state-of-the-art system can save you up to 40% in fuel costs by delivering the right amount of air to the fire exactly when it needs it giving you more heat, from less fuel and saving you money!

The Wiking range are built to be more affordable, swapping out cast-iron for steel in certain places in order to reduce costs and make a high quality but affordable product range. Wiking stoves also have their own Automatic primary air regulation coil. This innovative device is a heat-sensitive bimetallic spring that expands or contracts depending on the temperature which opens and closes the primary air supply depending upon the firebox temperature. This ensures a clean and efficient burn and makes it easy for anyone to operate. This technology is rarely found at such an affordable price, and so it is incredibly satisfying knowing that leading companies are driving innovation whilst keeping it accessible to everyone.

The Wiking Mini 2 Stove range
Wiking Mini 2 Wood Stove, Flat Plinth, Low Legs, High Legs (left to right)

2017 has seen a design improvement made across the range, changing the handle from a concealed moving pivot action handle beneath the firebox, to a more defined simple push/pull handle that makes opening the door easier and more convenient over all models in the range. 2017 has also seen the introduction of the new Wiking Mini Stove, that has been designed specifically for the UK. The Mini range is one firebox, that is available as a flat base, low leg or high leg version. Taking the popular Miro 2 firebox and making some slight alterations, Wiking have lowered the overall height of the firebox making it easier to fit into British fireplaces.

Wiking Miro Wood Stove Range
Wiking Miro Wood Stove Range: 1/2 Plinth, 1/2 Wall Mounted, 1/2 Pedestal (left to right)

Next we come to the Miro series which is a flat fronted wood burning stove with a 4.9kW nominal output that is available in six main configurations, the Miro 1 and 2 are available in three varieties wall mounted, plinth base, or pedestal base. The Miro 1 has side glass and the Miro 2 has solid sides steel side panels.

Wiking Miro Wood Stove Range
Wiking Miro Wood Stove Range: Miro 3, Miro 4, Miro 5, Miro 6 (left to right)

The Wiking Miro 3, 4, 5 and 6 feature a concealed logstore base great for keeping a small amount of fuel, fire tools or other fire related accessories. The base lifts these models higher off the floor to make them more accessible meaning you do not need to bend down as far during reloading. The 5 and 6 all the tallest models in the range featuring a high top which is great for taller rooms.

Wiking Luma Stove Range
Wiking Luma 3 Wood Stove, with side glass windows
Wiking Luma Wood Stove Range
Wiking Luma 5 with Tobacco Sandstone Cladding










The Luna series is available in the same configurations as the Miro above, but features a larger cylindrical 7kW firebox that has a curved door providing a more panoramic view of the dancing flames inside. The Luna and Miro 4/6 models are also available with a soapstone, sandstone or ceramic tile outer cover offering yet another design option. The natural soapstone and sandstone cladding’s absorb the heat produced from the firebox and slowly release it into the room, even after the fire has died out a natural stone clad Wiking stove will still produce warmth for hours to come.

Fireplace Products are now buying Wiking and Hwam stoves directly from Denmark, rather than going through a UK distributor. This means that the overall cost of the stoves is less which results in a saving for you the customer. Furthermore because we are now buying direct we now have access to the full product range, meaning exciting new products that were previously unavailable will soon be available in the UK. We look forward to bringing you these exciting developments as they happen, the current range of Wiking Stoves is available to browse and buy here.

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