Why you should buy a wood burning cooker

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Cooking with fire has been with us for millennia, but in recent times it has been cast aside in favour of the electric and the modern. Well here are five reasons why it might be worth putting off buying that new electric and returning to that most tried and true method of preparing food.

#1. Sustainable

Contrary to what you might expect, burning wood is one of the more sustainable and environmentally friendly sources of energy. This is because burning wood is carbon neutral, over the course of a tree’s life carbon is fixed from the air into growing tissue. When this wood is burned the same amount of carbon returns to the atmosphere as was removed by the tree: carbon neutrality. This sits in stark contrast to other forms of energy which release great amounts of net carbon into the atmosphere. What’s more some are so clean burning that they are DEFRA approved to burn wood inside smoke control zones!

#2. Heating and eating

Not only do wood burning cookers cook your meals, but they will heat your home at the same time. The heat of the wood fire is more than enough to cook food, and the excess radiates out into your interior, providing you with a cosy environment during those harsh winter months.

Many wood burning cookers have boiler capabilities, meaning that they can provide domestic hot water and even central heating too. Now that’s efficiency at its finest. Don’t think wood burning cookers are just for winter, many have adjustable grates that allow you to effectively reduce the size of the firebox and put the cooker into ‘summer’ mode so you can keep cooking without chucking out too much heat.

#3. Independent living

Haven’t you always dreamt of being independent? Living off grid, in complete control of your own energy and sources of heat, never to be inconvenienced by a power cut again? A wood burning cooker can bake this dream into reality; cooking with wood is the perfect way to introduce an element of self-sufficiency into this increasingly interdependent world.

 #4. Fun

There really is no competition with the sight of a pile of smouldering logs, crackling in the soft light of the flames, radiating their warmth and energy out into your home on a dark evening. What better feeling is there than taking a freshly baked cake, or a roast dinner, out of the wood fired oven? Letting the smell waft around your house and fill every room, as you rest easy in the knowledge that you are that bit more energy independent? We can’t think of many!

#5. Versatility

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a downside to cooking with wood fire would be the lack of control and precision, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Wood burning cookers have some very sophisticated air controls that allow you to instantly dampen or amplify the fire within. Using these in combination with the embedded thermometers you will be able to cook with near scientific precision.

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  1. What if it’s the middle of summer and you want to rustle up a quick bacon sarny without firing up the stove. Are there any that have a companion electric hob ?

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