The White Log Burner: An Emerging Trend (Plus Our Top Ten Favorites)

white log burner why you need one

White Log Burner, why you need one in your home

While it might seem unusual, wood burning stoves are available in more colours than just black, and there are many reasons you should consider a white log burner over the more traditional ones.

If you took a snapshot of the stove market today you would be forgiven for thinking that log burners were only available in black. Manufacturers have offered browns, greens and blues for some time, but never white. When enameled stoves were introduced we came close with several brands offering an ivory option, but still no white log burner.

Jotul Stoves introduced the F373 White Log Burner in 2010

Then came the revolution. Advances in the enameling process meant that stove manufactures were finally able to start offering white versions of their stoves. Among the first to introduce a contemporary white woodburner in the UK: Jotul Stoves with the F373 White Log Burner in 2010. While sales were slow at first as with any ‘new idea’, after a few years the market adjusted and sales started to pick up. Before long the F373 white log burner became a firm favourite for stove owners across the UK.

We are huge fans of white wood burning stoves, they offer a beautiful ‘Scandi-chic’ appeal and are perfectly suited to a light and large interior space. They are arguably as much a piece of art as a functional heating appliance, simply stunning! A white log burner will natural become a focal point of any space and an attractive and key element of your homes decor.

So without further ado here’s 10 of  our favourite white log burners available right now:

10. Rocal Prune White Log Burner

While not a solely white log burner, we felt the Rocal Prune deserved a place in our top 10 favourites. The Prune is a more of a two-tone stove, with the bottom half of the stove in black and the top section and flue cover in pure white. We are big fans of Rocal stoves as a central focal point, there are few stoves that can offer a more impressive in room experience.

white log burner rocal prune stove
Rocal Prune White Log Burner

9. Heta Scanline Tour Stove Series

The Scanline Tour series of white log burners from Heta of Denmark offer a stylish and modern round shape featuring ceramic clad tiles. The Scanline Tour features the same 12kW output firebox on each model and is available in three heights the tour 10, tour 20, and tour 30. The Heta Tour series of stoves come clad in ceramic tiles with over 70 colours available, white is defiantly our favourite option.

white log burner heta scanline tour series
Heta Scanline Tour 10, 20, 30 (left – right)

8. Hwam 3600 Stove Series

This is an exciting newcomer for 2017. Fireplace Products have been chosen by Hwam as a UK retailer for their stoves in 2017, Hwam have been around in the UK for over 10 years, but up until now they have never offered the full range which includes their range of white log burners. Four models are available, the shorter 3630 and 3640 and the taller 3650 and 3660. Find out more about Hwam and their Autopilot air system.

white log burner hwam 3600
The Hwam 3600 Series of White Log Burners

7. La Nordica Fortuna Double Sided Stove

The Fortuna wood burning stove from La Nordica is a definitive contemporary stove, with its cylindrical body and glossy smooth ceramic tiles. Available in red or white ceramics, the La Nordica Fortuna is available in three models, the Fortuna, Fortuna Panorama (with side glass windows), and this model the Fortuna double sided. This stove is the perfect way to divide up a large interior space, whilst also framing the dazzling spectacle of logs burning.

white log burner la nordica fortuna stove
La Nordica Fortuna Double Sided White Log Burner

6. Rais Q-20 White Stove

Standing proud with its sleek straight lines and square profile, the Rais Q-20 Stove provides a high class design while taking up minimal floor space. Available in a choice of colours the Q-20 Combines a cubism design with modern day fire technology. DEFRA approval, external air supply, side glass, airwash and cleanburn the Q-20 has all the features you would expect from an industry leading brand in Rais.

white log burner rais q20 stove
Rais Q20 White Log Burner

5. Jotul F373 White Log Burner

The stove that started it all. The Jotul F373 spawned a white log burner revolution in the UK and was the pioneer in this field. The first of three fully enameled cast iron stoves to feature in this list, the F373 may be one of the oldest white stoves available on the market, it doesn’t show it with timeless looks we hope this stove will still be available for a long time to come. View our video of the Jotul F373 White Stove burning in our showroom.

white log burner Jotul f373 stove
Jotul F373 White Log Burner

4. Scan 83 Stove Series

The Scan 83 series offers the most choice from a single stove series than most, with over 65 models available in the family, 12 of them are available in white! Pictured below is the Scan 83-1 white log burner which is a contemporary cylindrical stove, offering a dazzling flame picture, and option for full 360 degree rotation, putting you in control of your own fire experience.

white log burner scan 83-1 stove
Scan 83-1 White Log Burner

3. Cera-Design Solitherm White Log Burner

The tall cylindrical Cera-Design Solitherm wood burning stove is available in several colours of which white is by far the most beautiful. Made from a single piece of curved steel the Solitherm will take up hardly any space in even the smallest of rooms. With a remarkable heat storage capacity, the Solitherm will heat a room for up to 10 hours from only eight kilos of wood. Truly a designer statement piece.

white log burner cera solitherm
Cera-Design Solitherm White Log Burner

2. Scan 66 Stove Series

The Scan 66 stove series is very much the ‘Marmite’ of the stove world, you either love its unusual design and shape or you don’t. First introduced in black, the Scan 66 series is now available in a white enamel finish. Pictured below is the Scan 66-2 white log burner with its simple pedestal design and featuring unique glass door and air control handles. The innovative log retaining bar is also made from tempered glass for the ultimate viewing experience.

white log burner scan 66-2 stove
Scan 66-2 White Log Burner

1. Jotul F305 Stove Series

Jotul coming in at number one on our list, may come as no surprise seeing as they were the forerunners in this field. The Jotul F305 series showcases the fire within, offering an unrivaled flame picture with a viewing window wider than its door. Shown below with the long legs the F305 is also available with short legs and a log store version.

Winning the Norwegian Award for Design excellence and the Red Dot Design Award for 2015, is DEFRA approved meaning that you can burn wood inside smoke control zones and available with optional soapstone top. With the options available the cast iron Jotul F305 Stove is our number one choice for a white log burner due to its wide range of installation options and unique design.

white log burner jotul f305 stove
The Jotul F305 White Log Burner

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