What you need to know about Hotties

Hotties logs

Finally it feels like winter! Now you’re feeling the chill we can tell you about a fuel product that burns hotter than conventional wood but is made from 100% clean recycled wood. Got your attention? Meet Hotties.

Burning bright and producing a lot of heat, Hotties burn cleanly and do not spit or spark.

hottiesHotties can be used all of the time as a substitute for wood if you like, but typically we find that unless you buy a pallet of Hotties at a time, this is an expensive way to heat your home.

The benefit of using Hotties is that they have only 4% moisture within them. This is due to the raw material the log is made from being heated first before being formed into the log shape and then heated again. What this means is that you need less fuel to achieve the same heat as you get a higher calorific heat value from one Hotties log with 4% moisture than a kiln dried log at 15% or seasoned hardwood at 20%.

One log will last around 45 minutes to one hour burning depending upon your stove and the amount of air you are introducing to the firebox. Typical we find our customers supplement their wood supplies with Hotties.

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3 thoughts on “What you need to know about Hotties

  1. Interested to know what the costa are for Hotties.I currently burn approx. 6 cubes of oak/ash seasoned (18%) moisture cut logs,delivered to me in West Wales for £400.00.These will last me from Oct to March,lighting my lgeStovax fire about 4 pm every day.
    Could you also quote me for a new cast iron grate for same,(690 wide x 310 deep).
    Very keen to purchase bean pot and hanging assembly.,also bbq device ! but will await price for grate.
    You may want to offer a deal on the 3 items !
    Kind regards Chris Johnson.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the message, okay so by the sounds of it you have a Stovax Regency large stove, take a look at this link and confirm if it is this stove please – http://www.fireplaceproducts.co.uk/stoves/stovax-stoves/stovax-regency-large-multifuel-stove/ Yes we can supply the bean pot, grate and BBQ Grill and do you a deal for the three items no problems.

      Also i will work you our a price based on a ¼ pallet & ½ pallet of hotties, as i can get the individual unit prices down when we supply them in quantity.

      Probably best to discuss this over email, so if you dont mind dropping me an email sales@fireplaceproducts.co.uk then we can discuss pricing and such further.

      Speak to you soon
      Reece – Fireplace Products

  2. Hi Reece,thanks for coming back to me.Yes it is a Stovax Regency.I would appreciate the costs for pot,bbq and grate please along with hotties. Kind regards Chris.

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