Welcome to the new home of Fireplace Products

Wow! It’s finally here – the brand new Fireplace Products website has been launched today and is crammed with great features, with many more to come.

To celebrate we’re going to briefly explain these features, to help you get the most from our website when looking for your fireplace product.


If you know what you want, then this stove finder tool will help you find the perfect product for you. Available on stoves, fires and cookers, this tool will revolutionise the way you shop online with us. Essentially an advanced search option, this tool is crammed with details that you can adjust to suit your room and tastes.


An easy way to narrow down your selection, this facility is essentially a simplified version of the Finder, which allows you to pinpoint the type of product you’re looking for. Find this on the left hand side of any category.


Knowing the output your room needs is very important, but the maths can be quite complicated. Simply insert the required dimensions of your room into the calculator, choose whether you’re working in metres or feet and hit the calculate button! The number you are given is the required output to keep your room toasty, which is the output you should look out for when buying a stove or fire. 


We proudly display our promises on every home and category page, ensuring we provide quality, transparency and the best shopping experience for our customers at every level. We believe in the very best customer service and satisfaction and encourage you to hold us to that.


Sometimes you have a burning question that needs an answer post-haste. If it’s a commonly asked question, the chances are we have answered it in our easy-to-use FAQs section. Simply select the category within which your question would fall. If we haven’t answered your question here, be sure to get in contact with us and one of our friendly experts will get back to you.


Our blog really began to grow into the knowledge hub and base of information that we’ve always wanted, even going on to win an award in early 2016. During the revamp of our website we took the opportunity to give it a facelift and bring it into the everyday workings of the website. Fireplace Product’s blog has become a centre of knowledge from which readers can expand their own knowledge, keep up to date with the industry’s latest news and learn new skills.

We believe it is diligent and fair for companies selling stoves, fires, outdoor fire products and more to provide customers with the absolute highest degree of information, made readily available to help them enjoy their product safely.


Fireplace Products now offers finance on any purchases of £250 or more. The application process is quick, free and simple to do and is available in the checkout stage. As standard all products are available with a 16.9% APR.

Put a face to the name 

We’re not just an online retailer. We’re a team of humans with names and faces – check out our About Us page to see the team and read their stories!

Quick Glance Features 

We’ve made it even easier to find the right product for you. The key features that many customers use to make a decision are listed at the top of the page, allowing you to clearly see the headline features of the product.

Choice and growth 

Our aim is to provide you with the greatest level of choice possible, to help you find the perfect product for you. Click here to find out how we already provide more choice than our competitors. We are always expanding our product range and are constantly searching for the latest products, technology and brands.

We can’t wait for you to see all the great features still to come to the website, but for now we hope there is enough to satisfy you! Thank you for your support, and we look forward to you joining us on the next stage of our journey.

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