Vortex of fire creates unbeatable efficiency

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The new Burley Coppice

Stove manufacturers Burley have announced two versions of their celebrated Fireball stoves.

As of 1 November, an inset stove called the Coppice and an extended version of the Fireball called the Carlby will be available.

The Coppice is designed to easily convert a draughty and inefficient open fireplace into a highly effective source of heat.

Meanwhile, the Carlby is a freestanding contemporary styled stove which has been extended to appear more portrait. The longer window shows off the glorious fireball effect.

The Burley Fireball stoves are said to be the most efficient wood burning stoves in the world at 89.9% efficiency. A hundred kilograms of wood leaves only one pint of ash.

This enormous efficiency is down to a four part combustion process. After primary combustion, where the initial burning of the wood takes place, secondary combustion raises the core temperature of the stove, burning off creosote created through the burning of wood. This in turn raises the temperature of the stove from 400°C to 600°C with no extra fuel added.

Tertiary combustion occurs by fully burning off any excess fuel created by the burning of wood. This consist of carbon, charcoal and ash, which holds a huge amount of energy and burns even hotter.

A fourth process, to ensure maximum efficiency, sees a super-heated mesh filter burn away any soot or creosote particles that escape the vortex of fire and attempt to leave with hot gases up the chimney.

For all these processes to take place, and allowing Burley to boast their stove’s sublime levels of efficiency, oxygen needs to be present within the firebox. Burley uses a patented system of introducing air for combustion, called the Fireball. Channels of air evenly distributes oxygen around the firebox, creating a swirling vortex of fire.

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