Understanding fireplace rebates

When you’re choosing your fireplace surround there are many factors you need to consider. The style, the colour, the size, for example. However, perhaps most importantly is the fireplace rebate, as this can effect your choice of fire. This applies predominantly to fitting a fireplace surround to a solid, flat wall.

part of a fireplace showing rebate
Example of a surround leg in our showroom

The first thing worth pointing out is that most fireplace surround legs (or jambs as it’s know in the industry) are hollow. They may appear as solid pieces of wood but they do in fact have a void. It is essentially the measurement from the back of this ‘leg’ to the back of the wall that is called the rebate. In the example below, the rebate is 75mm.

fireplace rebate 75mm

It is then dependent on the depth of your fire that determines whether it will fit into the rebate or whether you will need to fit a spacer frame to the fire so that it will fit against a flat wall.

cutaway showing fireplace rebate

A good example is seen in the images below. Here an electric hearth mounted fire sits within a fireplace rebate. Although our showroom has a void behind the fireplace, this example fire could be placed against a flat wall as the rebate is large enough to accept the fire.

fireplace surround with electric fire

electric fire fireplace rebate surround with void

fireplace rebate size

electric fire fireplace rebate

As you can see the depth of the fire is 65mm and the fireplace rebate is 75mm meaning that this fire can fully recess into the surround’s rebate.

Customers struggling to work out their fireplace rebate should get in touch – our trained staff are happy to help.

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