Portable Kitchens: The Top Six Portable Cooking Appliances

Calor Mini-BBQ

There has been a recent revolution in outdoor cooking, these appliances allow you to take your gourmet show on the road and set up your mini kitchen anywhere, perfect for campers and nature lovers alike. Enjoy this run down of the best portable outdoor cookers on the market, and begin getting the absolute best out of your summer:

#6 Invicta Malawi

Invicta Malawi

Remember those disposable barbecue trays made of foil you could buy in supermarkets? At least £5 a pop wouldn’t you rather have a cast iron, solid and long lasting version? Simply refill with charcoal, place on the floor and barbecue to your heart’s content. The cast iron will not only last longer and not deteriorate but it will absorb the heat of the charcoal and reflect it back at the food on the grill, cooking it more thoroughly than a steel or foil BBQ!

Calor Grill-2-go

#5 Calor Grill-2-Go BBQ cooking plate

This Grill-2-Go cooking plate from Calor is ingenious. It is an attachment for a portable LPG gas bottle, turning it into a BBQ at a moment’s notice, allowing you to boil water, sear meat or make a fry up in the middle of camp. This is perhaps the most simple on the list, but sometimes the simple solutions are the best. Calor are great at devising inventive new ways to be outdoors, and we salute them!

#4 Invicta Rodez Table Top LPG Gas BBQ

The Rodez table-top from Invicta is a cooking plate like Invicta Rodezthe Grill-2-Go, but bigger and with more controllability. Two independently controllable burners, and a large cooking surface area earns the Rodez its nickname of the camper’s best friend. You’ll be frying eggs and making tea in no time at all. This is cast-iron, no expenses spared: the ultimate cooking material, standing on 4 adjustable skids featuring in-built ignition and a removable fat tray for easy cleaning! Look no further for the ultimate campsite cooker.

#3 La Hacienda Camping Steel Firepit and BBQ

La Hacienda Camping Steel Firepit & BBQ

The La Hacienda Camping firepit and BBQ is arguably the best value for money in the entire portable cooking market. Simple yet efficient, this firepit is a steel bowl with foldable legs, a grill attachment and carry bag included as standard. At £37.40 you can’t really say no, and remember this is both a firepit AND a barbecue, so whether you want a campside fire or a campsite cook-out, the La Hacienda Camping firepit has you covered!

#2 Harrie Leenders Faltovn Camping Stove

Harrie Leenders Faltovn

This portable 10kg stove is the perfect off-road companion, and makes your outdoor adventures far more authentic. The Faltovn is available with a carry bag and segmented flue pipe with a 45 degree bend, allowing you to carry and set up the Faltovn almost anywhere.

A glass window means you can see the crackling logs burning away, while a ‘x’ marked cook-top surface and a handy shelf provide the perfect cooking environment. This all means that the Faltovn provides warmth, light and a means of making food.

#1 Calor mini-BBQ LPG

Calor Mini-BBQ LPGIn at number 1: the absolute best in portable cooking. The Calor Mini BBQ is a picnic revolution, complete with a carrying handle, you can carry your very own BBQ with you from A to B.

Simply fit the Mini with a small LPG gas bottle, remove the wooden chopping board lid, prepare your food, ignite and get cooking! The Mini-BBQ really is an elegant and compact device, yet powerful too, everything you could possibly want and need out of a portable BBQ.


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