Top 5 outdoor firepits for under £50

Keep the party going long into the night

Sitting around a fire, below the open, star-lit sky is where great times are had and memories are made. There’s something rustic, something back-to-your-roots and wholesomely simple about sitting with a crackling firepit. Radiating heat and soft light, a firepit will quickly become the heart of your garden, drawing close all who steal a glance.

To help you make those memories and get the most out of summer, we’ve found our top five metal firepits for under £50:

Gardeco Orbita

The Gardeco Orbita is an oval -shaped steel firepit that comes with a choice of simple motifs: flame, sun, leaves or scroll. £32.40


Gardeco Delphi Curvy Brazier

The Gardeco Senda steel firepit is an attractive pit that sits close to the ground and has a unique forest-like design. £44.00


La Hacienda Camping

This versatile steel firepit comes with a barbecue grill and carry bag with an adjustable strap, making it perfect for your holidays or trips to the beach. £37.50


Gardeco Tripod

Looking every part the traditional campfire, this tripod firepit has a barbecue grill suspended on a strong chain, which can be adjusted to suit your needs. £59


La Hacienda Cone

Bringing a warming and inviting element to your garden, this steel mesh firepit can hold pebbles to create an eye-catching addition to your outside space, while the barbecue grill (included) completes the outside living experience. £28.00

To find more firepits and outdoor fires, visit our website here.

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