Top three customisable stoves

For many customers, having a unique, customisable stove is a must. While the firebox in many ranges of stoves often remain the same, the accessories that can be added to the stove can turn it into a unique, highly stylised wonder of interior design.

Below are our three favourite customisable stoves:

1) Dovre 2000 multifuel and wood-burning stove

Dovre 2000 Built-in

This traditionally styled Dovre 2000 stove helps to I’ve fireplaces and inglenooks a new lease of life thanks to a number of accessory options.

An optional steel canopy, base plinth and side panels can enhance the impact the stove leaves the moment you enter the room, or it can be simply built into a fireplace.

It is clear that the canopy on stove is completely transformed from the built-in option (right) to the bold version seen below.

Dovre 2000 with optional canopy and side panels

2) Purevision PV5W multifuel stove


The Purevision PV5W multifuel stove comes with a multitude of base options that can really enhance the view of the flames.

Purevision’s stunning view of the firebox is enhanced thanks to its large viewing window. The base options allow this stove to sit at different heights and provides a handy log store for convenience and aesthetic.

The image below shows the Purevision PV5W stove compared to the original low store (left).

Purevision PV5W multi-fuel stove 5kw wide freestanding Stove on

3) Portway 2 Contemporary multifuel stove

portway-2-black-01The Portway 2 Contemporary multifuel stove offers a high level of customisation; three leg heights, base options, two stove colour options (charcoal or black). In addition, it has two door colour options (enamelled red or enamelled Arctic grey). There are four door traceries and an optional boost boiler to heat radiators and water whilst in operation.

This customisable stove offers uniqueness at an incredibly reasonable price.

Portway 2 Contemporary with red enameled door

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