Top 10 log burner gifts for under £40!

‘Tis almost the season for desperate scrambles in heaving shops, late-night-last-minute online shopping and slightly deflated expressions from sock-receiving loved ones.

However, if you are looking for a gift to give to a log burner owner, you’re in luck! Ok, they might not appreciate a lump of coal in their stocking, but there are a multitude of accessories and extras that they will just love. To make life even easier, we’ve compiled a list, and made sure they all cost less than £40. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Condor Tuff Duck Large Canvas Log Carrier

Bringing logs in from the outdoor log store can always be a precarious juggle of spiky, dirty logs. Logs somehow refuse to be carried nicely, and attempt to leave your arms at every opportunity. This is where a log carrier is helpful. Your log burner owning loved one will be eternally grateful for the gift of splinter free refueling and stylish fuel transportation.

Price £26.90

Manor Knapton Willow Log Basket

Once the logs are in from the outdoors log store, they need a basket to go into. Cosy ambience cannot be achieved if your logs are scattered messily around the room, or perhaps your dog is in the process of reducing them to splinters. Instead, a log basket is ideal for storing your logs stylishly. We’ve picked out the Manor Knapton Willow log basket but there are hundreds of designs, materials and colours to choose from on our website.

Price: £38.90

Manor Blenheim Coal Bucket

A coal bucket or scuttle is pretty much a must-have item for multifuel log burners. Coal can be a bit messy if not stored correctly, and a good bucket or scuttle allows easy refuelling. Fireplace Products has an extensive range, but we picked our the Manor Blenheim because we love its beautifully traditional shape. 

Price £33.80

Calfire Wood Log Burner Companion Set


A companion set provides all the tools a log burner owner needs to keep his fire in check and his stove in operation. Usually consisting of a brush and shovel, poker and tongs  or ash scraper on a handy stand, no fireplace looks complete without a companion set next to it.

Price: £25.90

Calfire Light Oak Fireplace Bellows

These ornamental fireplace bellows aren’t particularly necessary these days, yet their traditional charm means these make superb gifts. 

Price: £26.80

Manor Matches Holder

Stylish, secure and safe, a matches holder is a great way to protect your matches from getting lost, squashed or falling into the hands of curious kids.

Price: £6.60

Calfire Decorative Cast-Iron Kettle


A cast-iron kettle bubbling away on the flat top of a log burner is the epitome of cosiness, but did you know it also serves a purpose? More often than not, the water can’t be consumed, unless the kettle is made from enamel. Instead, the boiling water releases moisture into the air, taking the edge off of the sometimes dry heat from a log burner. 

Price: £27.20 

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs

You’ve probably noticed how your beloved log burner-owner eyes up a pile of wood, perhaps from a neighbours green-fingered removal of a tree from their garden. A log burner owner is always grateful for fuel, and what better than to give them the best fuel available. Kiln Dried Hardwood is baked in an oven until it has moisture levels between 16-20% – ideal for a crackling fire in a stove. 

Price: £6.00

Manor Eye Handle Roaster

Ever roasted chestnuts on an open fire? You can’t beat it and now is your chance to experience it yourself. Open a stove door, split some chestnuts and indulge in a traditional winter snack.

Price: £11.50

Gardeco Chim Burner Bio-Ethanol Fire

There’s a good chance your stove-owning-gift-recipient enjoys fire, so help them enjoy it all year round. The Gardeco Chim Burner is an ideal way to have a real flame outside. Easy and safe to refuel, this bio-ethanol fire is fun and cosy way to enjoy a summer’s evening.

Price: £28.00


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