Time to celebrate the pizza oven

Pizza is the circle of life. It is the food of gods, the bringer together of people and the bedrock of topping combinations so beautiful Michelangelo would weep (Ninja turtle and sculptor alike). Therefore it is worthy of its own oven. What better way to celebrate National Pizza Day (yes, it’s a thing) than to give you the rundown of the best pizza ovens on the market.

La Hacienda Morena

The La Hacienda Morena Mexican table top oven, has been shaped on the classic pizza oven dome, complete with wide opening and frontal flue exit. The affordable Morena Mexican clay oven is great for sitting on a raised surface using the included stand and will cook pizzas, breads and other fun party food – great for when friends and family are visiting.

La Hacienda Morena Mexican Clay Tabletop Oven

La Hacienda Lorenzo

La Hacienda Lorenzo is a large steel wood-fired oven has been designed to make patio cooking more interesting and creative. This multi-function steel oven is great for grilling food, smoking fish or meat, baking pizzas or even cooking the whole Sunday roast – barbecue style!

Vitcas Casa

The Vitcas Casa Outdoor Pizza Oven is made by hand from high quality refractory material. It is shown on a brick built base (not included) which is an example of how you could install this item. The Vitcas Casa is perfect for cooking 1-2 pizzas at once.

Vitcas Casa Outdoor Pizza Oven

Invicta Lo Goustaou

Built from strong durable cast-iron the Lo Goustaou multifunction pizza oven combines the three heating principals of conductive, reflective and convective heat to offer fantastic food every time. Supplied with a chariot cart the Lo Goustaou is portable enabling you to position it where you want it and use any of the multiple functions this outdoor oven offers.

Invicta Lo Goustaou Multifunction Cast-Iron Pizza Oven BBQ

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