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Mantels Floret 52
Mantels Floret 52″ in wood

A surround provides the finishing touch to a fireplace. However, with so many types of surrounds on the market it can be a bit daunting trying to figure out what you want, need and are allowed to have.

Surrounds come in a variety of materials, such as limestone, marble, granite, wood and cast-iron. Some designs date back to the eighteenth century, such as some cast-iron surrounds, but there are plenty of modern designs available too.

Before you make your mind up, here is a collection of questions about surrounds that we get asked the most.

What’s the difference between surrounds and fireplaces?

A surround is the outer part of a fireplace. Typically, this part sits “around” an inner part. Fireplaces are usually a set consisting of a surround, back panel/chamber and a hearth. We sell surrounds separately so you can either update or replace your existing surround or build yourself a custom fireplace.

Gallery Clarendon 56
Gallery Clarendon 56″ in limestone

Can I put any fire or stove with your surrounds and beams?

Depending on the material of the surround or beam and the fuel of the fire and stove then yes. If you plan to use a wooden surround or a beam with a wood burning stove, then you will need to adhere to the distances to combustibles as stated by the manufacturer.

Cast-tec Flat Victorian 53
Cast-Tec Flat Victorian 53″ in limestone

How do I install a surround?

All surrounds and beams come with fixings kits (or are available to purchase separately) and should be securely fixed to the wall so they cannot fall or be pulled forward. Depending on the material of the surround as to how strong the fixings need to be. If in doubt employ a professional to fit it securely, as the consequences can be awful.

Stovax Georgian 59
Stovax Georgian 59″ in cast-iron

What material are your surrounds made from?

We have a variety of different materials available including, limestone, sandstone granite natural marble, micro-marble, cast-iron and wood. Our wooden surrounds are also available in many types of wood and finish.

Stovax William IV 67
Stovax William IV 67″ in cast-iron

What is a rebate and do I need one?

A rebate is the space that you place a back panel or slip set into and is measured as the difference between the outside leg of a surround and the inside leg of a surround. This gap between the two is the rebate. Most fireplaces require a rebate, the only time you would not require a rebate is if you wished to install a surround against a flat wall with no back panel inside it. Read this blog explaining rebates in greater depth.

Mantels Greenwich 50
Mantels Greenwich 50″ in wooden

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