Three stoves under £200

Yep, you read it right – buy a stove for less than £200!

You can’t beat the look and feel of a stove in your room, with its cosy ambience and eye-catching detail. Electric stoves under £200 are perfect for homeowners on a budget or without a chimney. They’re a great way to find out how a stove looks in your room whilst providing gentle, fan-driven heat.

Electric fires and stoves had a bit of a bad reputation for being tacky and poorly made. In recent years the technology and design of electric stoves has come on leaps and bounds. An electric stoves’s flame effects is so convincing that a second glance is often needed. Also, installation of electric stoves and fires is easy; simply plug in and go!

Likewise, flueless LPG gas stoves under £200 offer a portable solution to warming a room and provides you with a genuine flame. Highly efficient and filled with great safety features, such as an atmosphere sensing device to cut off the gas if the flame goes out.

Our list of stoves under £200


Manor 3122 Vista 2 – £99


The Manor 3122 Vista 2 electric stove looks every bit the traditional stove and the flame effect just draws you in. It comes in a choice of two colours, black and cream, and our price puts it under £100!

Universal Innovations Manhattan – £164


The Universal Innovations Manhattan flueless LPG gas stove has a coal effect that shows off the flickering flame beautifully. This stove runs from bottled LPG gas that which is housed within the body of the stove. This design allows the stove to be wheeled around the house, warming you wherever you go.

Dimplex Courchevel Optiflame – £161


The Dimplex Courchevel Optiflame electric stove is remote control operated. The easy installation (just plug in and go) is a treat and we think it looks great in white. Dimplex are renowned for their electric fires, and this model boasts the optiflame effect. See the video below to see the Optiflame effect in operation, to understand this innovative flame effect.

Need help choosing a stove under £200? Get in touch today and speak with a trained fireplace products expert.

2 thoughts on “Three stoves under £200

  1. Hi,
    Can I convert a Natural Gas, Balanced Flue Stove to LPG. If so, is it a universal, inline pressure jet set up or does it have to be a ‘Manufacturers Only Conversion Kit’ i.e. Expensive! This wood be on a Villager Charlecote Balance Flue Gas Stove to be fitted on a boat, later to be replaced by a log burner.
    Cheers, Kev.

    1. Hi Kevin,

      So typically it needs to be from the manufacture, especially considering any warranty that you might have on the product. If Arada (Villager) offer the part then i would suggest this would be the better/safer option. With regards to the part itself, you are best speaking with Arada technical and a GAS SAFE engineer on that one.

      Hope it helps, and keep us in mind when your looking to replace it with a log burner, we have a number of small stoves designed for boats. Reece

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