A stove owner’s guide to the Apocalypse

When the end of the world comes, will you be ready?

The end of the world isn’t something many expect to find themselves considering over the first coffee of the day, but one morning in the office we somehow ended up batting around a few ideas. Then I got thinking – could we be offering you a chance of survival in the event of an apocalyptic disaster?

I’m not too sure how well a stove will fare against zombies, but I’m quite sure that if you were ever to find yourself in situation where your electricity is knocked out, or a storm has cut you off, that with the aid of a stove you’ll be capable of surviving.

The recent storms in the North of England show the real possibility we all face when confronted with the force of nature. Our reliance on electricity leaves us vulnerable when it fails. We’ve all seen how the country reacts to a dusting of snow, who knows what will happen if we had a proper snow storm.

So here is Fireplace Products’ Stove Owner’s Guide to the Apocalypse:

  • If you haven’t already, choose a stove that is best geared to off-grid living. The chances are electricity and natural gas supplies will be hard to come by, so a solid fuel stove will allow you to be self-sufficient. And now is the perfect opportunity to prepare.
  • Better still, buy a wood-burning range cooker. Maintain normality and enjoy a roast amongst the daily grind of using your wits and instincts to survive in an ever hostile world.
  • Avoid treated or man-made wood when cooking. If you’re using your stove or fireplace to cook on (or inside of, as will be discussed later) you will want to avoid the toxic fumes released by treated wood. There’s no use surviving the end of the world only to give yourself poisoning. Here is a list of the best wood to burn.
  • Make sure you have enough fuel to keep you going for the foreseeable future (and until help arrives). We have a range of kiln dried hardwood bags and crates that will keep you stocked up.
  • Don’t forget to maintain your stove and chimney. The last thing you want is it to fail on you when you need it most, or a devastating chimney fire to wreak merry hell with your survivalist tactics.
  • grill-1056427-640x480.jpgThere are several methods of cooking on an open fire or inside a stove that can be adapted from existing methods used centuries ago. First up we recommend learning how to make a Dutch Oven. Put a covered cooking pot in amongst embers and hot coals and treat like an oven. Alternatively, learn to cook with spits and skewers. Our tip is to practice the next time you have a barbecue.

Hopefully you’ll never end up in a situation where you rely on your stove to survive the very worst the world can throw at you. But should it ever happen, you can thank us later.

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