Stovax reveal new cassette fire range

The Stovax Elise 540 Evoke
The Elise 540 Evoke

What will you be doing in 2022? Tough question, but at least owners of the new Stovax Elise Cassette Fire range can be certain they will not be rushing to ensure their stove’s compliance with forthcoming emissions standards.

This week Stovax announced their new Elise cassette fires range are now available for customers to buy now.

The Elise range has a number of great features, including an excellent 83% efficiency, state-of-the-art airflow system and enormous efficiency, ready for 2022’s Ecodesign Standards.

The range is also approved by UK solid fuel governing body HETAS for use with direct air kits without the need for additional room ventilation over 5kw.

The cassette stoves come with a great variety of framing options and heat outputs and can use an external air supply, if possible.

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