Storm aftermath checklist: ensure your chimney is damage free

As Storm Doris wreaks her windy misery on the country, causing power outages, snow drifts and gale force winds, stove and fire owners will need to ensure their chimney is sound before they start to use it again.

The first thing worth noting is that in strong, gale force winds, stove owners trying to start a fire will find smoke coming back down their chimney, so avoid this if possible.

A chimney take the brunt of the storm’s force, and can sustain some damage that needs to be addressed before it is used again. Here is what you need to look out for:

Damage to the masonry

The structural integrity of the chimney could be compromised, and therefore not only unusable, but dangerous.


Brewer Round Birdguard With Raincap

Loose cowl or birdcap

A cowl positioned at the top of a chimney may become loose or even fall off completely.

Dislodged material in the chimney

With gusts of wind blowing down the chimney you may find soot and other material has been dislodged and fallen down the chimney and collected on the register plate at the bottom. Check this and remove any debris to avoid unnecessary weight being left on it.

Obviously, don’t attempt to fix any part of your roof during the storm and be sure to take a good hard look after the storm has passed. We have a large stock of flue and chimney supplies that will help with any repairs.

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