Is the Stockton 5 the best selling stove of all time?

Stockton 5 – Britians favourite Stove?

The Stockton 5 has consistently been a favourite among customers all over the UK thanks to its traditional looks and ideal proportions makes it ideal for British fireplaces. Great for homes looking for a focal point or a secondary heat source during chilly nights and evenings, the Stockton 5 has been engineered to offer maximum heat from minimum space making its ample 4.9kW of heat is just the ticket.

Compact in design, and available as either a dedicated wood burning stove or with a multifuel grate system that can adequately cope with burning either wood, smokeless coal or a mixture of the two. The multifuel version elevates the fuel off the base of the stove allowing the primary air to come in beneath the fuel bed which is ideal for burning smokeless coal. Supplied complete with external riddling arm to help shake ash and embers down into the removable ashpan, making cleaning between burns simple and easy. The dedicated wood burning model has the grate and ashpan removed making more space in the firebox for larger logs.

The Stockton 5 is available in three main versions
Stockton 5 Flat Top, Low Canopy, Midline Versions (Left to Right)

Traditionally styled design that fits in with today’s modern lifestyle, the Stovax Stockton 5 ticks all of the boxes when it comes to design. Featuring clean, simple straight lines enhanced by the traditional arched door detailing, this multifuel stove will fit right at home with your décor be that in a traditional fireplace or freestanding in a room. Furthermore, when fitted with the optional heat shields the distance to combustibles from the rear of the stove can be reduced to a minimal 150mm when used with twinwall flue pipe making it more flexible in freestanding situations.

Looking for something a little more traditional? Then consider the low canopy version of the Stockton 5 multifuel. Built onto the top of the stove the low canopy adds 140mm to the overall height of the stove, but unlike others still offers the choice of either a top or rear flue exit. Looking to add a splash of colour? Like all Stockton’s in the range this multifuel stove is available in matt black as standard or in one of three alternative colours; brown, blue or green each with a metallic fleck for a more authentic finish. Alternatively you can choose the Midline version that adds an extra 60mm to the overall height and lifts the firebox up off the floor on a low logstore base, great for taller fireplace openings or freestanding in an open plan room.

The Stockton 5 is available in four colour options
Stockton 5 in Matt Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Brown and Metallic Green (Left to Right)

So what makes the Stockton 5, so popular?

As with most modern-day stoves, the Stockton 5 has a controllable lower primary air supply for controlling the burn and top secondary air that helps feed the fire and keep the glass clean. There is also a third air supply more commonly known as tertiary air which fuels the superb Stovax Cleanburn system allowing a stream of fresh air into the back of the firebox that re-burns particulates prior to them exiting. The difference is that the Stockton 5 gives you control of this tertiary air supply and in doing so increases the efficiency of the stove, by producing more heat from the same amount of fuel and emitting less smoke.

Tradition meets the 21st century: while the Stockton 5 stove may have traditionally styled looks on the outside, inside it is a different story. Never one to stand still Stovax have continually made improvements to this their flagship model in the Stockton family, improving the ease of use with a new multi-functional tool for riddling the grate, removing the ashpan and opening/closing the door while in operation, next generation door seals and vermiculite firebricks, this stove is built to last and comes with a 5 year warranty to back it up. The traditionally made solid cast-iron door mounts onto the thick steel body, with solid block hinges on the right of the stove, and now offers a firm, positive door lock, giving you peace of mind that the door is securely shut every time.

Equally at home in a fireplace or freestanding in a room
Suitable for both fireplaces or freestanding

Stockton 5, the flagship model of the Stockton family

The Stockton 5, is the flagship model in the wider Stockton Family, a range comprising of eight separate models and over 100 different variations, including colours, door options, canopies, boilers and cooking models. The Stockton family is available in freestanding room heaters, high output boilers, double sided and inset models, all of which have been specifically designed with the British home owner in mind. So whether traditional or modern, large or small, in country or town, burning wood or solid fuel you should find a Stockton to match your setting.

The Stockton family is available in nine different models
Stockton Family – 3, 4, 5, 5 Wide, 6, 7, 8, 11, 14 (Left to Right)


So is the Stockton 5 the best selling stove of the decade?

Designed for city living, the Stockton 5 can be used inside designated smoke control areas or zones when fitted with an optional kit adding to its appeal. Once attached this kit keeps a steady stream of air coming into the stove meaning it is always burning hot and therefore more cleanly making it approved for burning in wood in smoke control areas by DEFRA.

With new regulations set to come into force in 2022, it is unclear at the moment if the Stockton 5 and the rest of the Stockton family will be re-engineered to meet this new standard. Looking back on a decade of sales, it seems extremely likely that Stovax will update the Stockton range again to meet the new regulations, so that it can continue to be Britian’s favourite Stove.

Stovax Stockton 5 freestanding options with heat shield or with low canopy
Freestanding with optional Heat Shield, and with fitted Low Canopy (Left to Right)

Dedicated Wood Burner  |  Multifuel  Midline

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