First steps all new stove-owners should follow

The moment is here: your new stove has arrived, it’s installed and ready to go. Before you start to get comfy in front of a crackling fire, there are a couple of things you should consider first.

Warm the chimney 

Before you light the fire you may need to warm your chimney. Sometimes a cold pocket of air can get stuck inside the chimney, which would force the rising hot air and smoke from the stove back down the chimney and into the room. It’s easily done, simply light a firelighter near the baffle plate of the stove and let it draw the flame up. Read our blog for more information.

Crack open the door 

Again, your stove may need to adjust to the temperature, so cracking open the door slightly when you first start the fire will prevent condensation building up on the ceramic glass window.

Go easy on the heat 

For your first burn in your new stove, you won’t want to burn it too hot and for too long. It is best to have a couple of fires in your stove that aren’t forcing it to burn at very high temperatures. This way the metal gets the chance to settle in to place. Don’t burn inefficiently though, or you will cause the window to soot up and a lot of smoke to go up the chimney (if this happens, don’t worry – we sell glass cleaner!)

safely operate new stove

Open a window

The first time you fire up your new stove you’ll probably find there is a chemical odour. This is nothing to worry about, it is simply the paint on the stove curing. An open window will help remove any smell.

Learn the air controls on your new stove

A stove is a little bit different to an open fire, but you’ll find the principles remain much the same. The air vents on your new stove will let you control the amount of air getting to the fire, which helps to regulate the ferocity of the burn and the temperature of the fire. We have published a blog post all about this, which you’ll find useful.

Start a log pile 

Ensure you burn only the best, well-seasoned wood in your stove, so begin a log pile. We have a great array of log stores that will help make rotation easy and keep it looking neat and tidy.

If you need any further help with your new stove please get in touch in the comments below.

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