How to start a fire in your stove – an advanced method

Last week we looked at the basics of fire starting, providing you with the ability to start a fire almost anywhere – the same principle applies.

However, stoves can be lit in a different way entirely, utilising the space and their air vents to your full advantage. The previous method will work fine, but the method i’m about to show you will make your live all the easier.

The method I’m going to show you is known as the Scandinavian method. It creates less smoke than the traditional method as it burns downwards as opposed to upwards.

First lay your larger logs in the bottom of the stove. Run them longitudinal, allowing the air from the secondary air to be channelled directly into the fire and not blocked by a log.

Criss-cross your kindling on top of the logs to form a kind of lattice pyramid. Place your fire-starters or tinder on top of this.

Ensure the air controls of the stove are fully open, and light your stove.

This method is good because you are able to fit perhaps three or four logs inside your stove creating a good spread of fire without needing to open the door to reload.

Here’s a video explaining the Scandinavian method:

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