Stacking Wood – Six Incredible Wood Stacks

The art of Stacking Wood

The art of Stacking Wood

Stacking Wood – The best the web has to offer

Wood stacking is perhaps a downside from owning a wood burning stove or cooker. Chopping your wood and neatly placing it inside your covered outdoor logstore or bringing inside and placing by the fire ready to burn. It doesn’t have to be that way! Have some fun with it, make your log pile your own, and create something amazing from stacking wood! Here are our top six favourite ingenious, weird and wonderful wood stacks from the web.

#6 Michael Buck – The Sphere

We are not quite sure exactly how this has been created but we imagine there is some form of structure beneath the surface in order to create this very neat spherical wood stack. We love how neat and precisely each log has been cut, that is some wood stacking dedication.

The Sphere Wood Stack from Michael Buck
Michael Buck – The Sphere

#5 Ai Weiwei – Perfectionism

This must have taken hours if not days of wood stacking to create this perfect ‘no-gap’ effect. We took a bag of logs to give this ago in the office and gave up after 10 minutes!

Perfect Wood Stacking by Ai Weiwei
Ai Weiwei – Perfectionism

#4 Alastair Hesseltine – Fallen Tree

Looking at this at first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking this was nothing more than a fallen tree and that it wasn’t cleverly designed wood stacking. Using larger logs for the trunk, small logs for the branches, and turning the logs on their end for leafs, even the detail at the base of a pile of logs and an axe so that it looks like it has been felled. Amazing!

A Fallen Tree Wood Stack by Alastair Hesseltine
Alastair Hesseltine – Fallen Tree

#3 Gary Tallman – Owl in Flight

Isn’t it amazing what you can achieve stacking with various sized logs! The owl on its own is an amazing effect, but even the smaller more subtle details of the axe on the bottom right and the moon in the top right.

Sacking Wood to look like an Owl from Gary Tallman
Gary Tallman – Owl in Flight

#2 John Stotter – Body Paint

So while this post is about amazing wood stacks, kudos goes out to John Stotter for this full body painting.  If you can’t see him yet, keep looking!

Wood Pile Body Paint by John Stotter
John Stotter – Body Paint

#1 Hannelie Coatzee – Old Sow Between Trees

Okay, so perhaps not a wood stack on a domestic scale, and we are sure some heavy machinery would have been required to for stacking wood on this scale. Still, utilising two trees like this is a great idea and stacking wood vertically not only is a space saver, it creates an awesome effect for all passerby’s and dog walkers. Impressive!

An Old Sow Between Trees from Hannelie Coatzee
Hannelie Coatzee – Old Sow Between Trees

Special mention: Nikolay Pollisky – Woodfire Tower

Whilst technically not a wood stack and therefore not making our top six, a special mention must go out to this enormous feet of engineering. Using wood to built a a colossal tower, which can be illuminated at night to create a stunning effect.

Extreme Wood Stacking from Nikolay Pollisky
Nikolay Pollisky – Woodfire Tower

What do you think? How do these compare against how you are currently stacking your wood? Perhaps these six images have given you some inspiration to create your own wood stack masterpiece. Send us photos of your wood stack, and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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