No need for an axe… Spruce stoves burn WHOLE trees!

Whilst perusing the internet for the latest in stove design and innovation we came across this beauty. It’s the Spruce Stove by Roel de Boer and Michiel Martens and it burns entire trees.

According to their website, the Spruce Stove takes a different approach to burning wood, the longer the tree, the longer you can fire up the stove! Complete tree trunks can be gently pushed into the stove through a special opening.

The Spruce Stove has an opening called a diaphragm which encloses itself around the trunk of the tree.

Granted, you’ll need space to cater for a full length tree to be fed into the stove like some wacky tree crematorium, but you’ll certainly save on axes, log stores and reloading time.

We’re not sure if we can get our hands on this in the UK, but we’re certainly intrigued!






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