Spreading the warmth: Fireplace Products gets social

Social media is a key way for any company to engage with their industry, us included! But there’s more to it than just hurling out products, giving you our best sales pitch and ignoring your thoughts. The clue is in name – social media. It’s important to be social, and it’s important to us to hear from you, the customer. Here’s how you can get involved:

We love feedback
We love Facebook feedback

First up for Fireplace Products is Facebook, where we welcome any questions and promise to get back to you promptly. Feel free to leave a comment, wall post or direct message and we’ll respond as soon as we can. And while you’re there, why not leave a rating and feedback – we’d really appreciate that!

Next is Twitter. We’ve been tweeting hard to build a presence on this social media network, and like to have a bit of fun with it, giving you a kind of ‘behind-the-scenes’ view of what goes on here at the showroom.

Find out how Fireplace Product’s Reece Toscani manages to stay cool in the heat of summer whilst keeping up with his work or how dressing like a beardy-Viking took Reece to a prestigious boat race at Henley. All is revealed within 140 characters on our Twitter page.

We're weren't joking about the beardy-viking bit...
We’re weren’t joking about the beardy-Viking bit…

Instagram is a beautiful platform to show off our visually stunning stoves, barbecues and chimeneas. In need of inspiration? Want to see some beautiful interior design?  Head on over to our Instagram account and check out our #StoveOfTheDay feed which is crammed with traditional and contemporary stoves in interior (and occasionally exterior) settings.

Whilst Facebook is a great host for videos, sometimes you just need a dedicated page. Like your DVD collection, organised neatly on a shelf. That’s why we’ve got our YouTube channel – a great way to see first-hand what your dream stove looks like in the flesh (or cast-aluminium if you’re going to pedantic about it). Check out our latest video series, Quick-Fire Reports, which sees Reece give you everything you need to know about a chosen stove within 60 seconds.

The Charnwood Country 4

These aren’t platforms used to bombard you with marketing spiel (although we will occasionally update you on new products and latest offers – but then again who doesn’t like saving money?!) Instead we hope to share our enthusiasm and passion for all things fiery and warm, with you, as you join us on our social media journey.

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