Fireplace Products wins silver


Ok, so it’s not gold but to win the silver award for our blog that is less than a year old and is based on the fascinating-but-still-fairly-niche subject of all things fireplace, stoves and barbecues, is a pretty big deal for us.

We had a great night (14 April 2016) at the Essex Digital Awards held at Weston Homes Community Stadium in Colchester, Essex, about 45 mins from where we’re based in Rayleigh. We met some lovely people and had plenty of interesting discussions, so from a networking point of view it was totally worth just being there.

Then the awards ceremony began and the jitters set in. Having your work judged is never a pleasant experience but it seems to be amplified ten-fold when you see the calibre of the other nominees. It’s safe to say we weren’t optimistic.

But then we heard our name called – Fireplace Products. A bit stunned we stood up and collected our award and someone took a picture (as evidenced below). We were modelling our best rabbit-in-headlights look as we sat back down.

Reece (left) and Joe proudly showing off the EDA16 silver award

Anyone who runs a blog will tell you that it is the readers that make the blog work. If no one is reading your blog then you don’t really have a blog, then you’re essentially talking to yourself in a huge unlit room. So thank you, dear reader, for letting us communicate with you and preventing us from having a one-sided conversation.

Thank you for your sustained support and for your interest in all things fire.

We have some exciting things on the horizon for Fireplace Products, including a completely new and redesigned website, integrated blog and new products coming your way. So keep checking back to find out how we get on as we move forward in this interesting and exciting industry.

A picture of the night (from @essexdigiawards)

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