Scan stoves: Danish ingenuity at its finest

Scan are Danish stove makers, drawing on the cultural know-how of an entire nation in battling the cold for months on end. Their stoves are contemporary and chic, boasting clean, sleek lines and smooth shapely casings.


Danish design has an excellent pedigree, and as such all Scan stoves are exclusively designed by leading, award-winning Danes. Such as Halskov and Dalsgaard, and Harrit and Sorenson (pictured below). Their stoves have been awarded prestigious prizes, such as the red dot award.


Now don’t be fooled by the sheer stylistic brilliance of these stoves, they’re equally great on the inside as the outside. All Scan stoves employ the state-of-the-art Airwash system that prevents sooty from building up on the glass, as well as cleanburn technology. Scan stoves burn so clean in fact that they are approved by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to burn wood inside smoke control zones in the UK, a mark of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The crowning jewel of the Scan line is the 66. A small distinct stove that is customisable beyond belief. Meet the family:



The 66-1: This wall mounted stove is discreet and compact, taking up as little space as possible but projecting oodles of light and warmth into your interior.

The 66-2: This pedestal mounted stove stands head and shoulders above his family, projecting heat and warmth into your home and your heart.

The 66-4: This version sits on an elegant logstore bench, raising it off the ground and keeping those logs neat and tidy.

The 66-5: This model sits on an artsy ‘S’ shaped logstore bench, offsetting the logs from the body of stove, and breaking convention. The ‘s’ stands for super stove!

You can see the rest of the Scan range here.

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