Rocal Wall Mounted Stoves – A Wood Heating Revolution

rocal wall mounted stove

Rocal City Stove Open Wide

Rocal Wall Mounted Stoves

Catalonia wood stove manufactures Rocal have sparked a wood heating revolution in the UK. Our very own Reece Toscani takes an in-depth look at some of their best-selling models and gets hands on during a recent visit to the factory, discovering the secret behind the Rocal wall mounted stoves range.

Lifting a wood stove off the floor and placing it against a wall to save space is not a new concept, in fact these kinds of stoves have been on sale in the UK for many years now. Ever since wood burning stoves dared to venture out of the confines of traditional fireplace openings, we have seen manufactures pushing the boundaries, and redefining what the term wood burning stove can actually mean.

Several companies have expanded their ranges by making adaptations to some of their existing freestanding models, removing log stores or pedestals and replacing them with wall mounted brackets to lift the wood stoves off of the floor and on to the wall. In many cases, these designs work well, in others not so much, but at the time it was a very niche corner of the market and there was not a huge range of choice available.

Fast forward to today and it seems that every contemporary stove has a wall mounted option, so with this field expanding, what sets Rocal wall mounted stoves apart from the rest? It’s simple really, rather than taking an existing freestanding model and making a bracket for it, Rocal have developed a series of stoves specifically to be placed on the wall. The result is a collection of models that are perfectly at home on the wall. They don’t look like someone has bolted a typical wood burner to the wall and removed the base, they are purposeful and deliberate in their designs.

Rocal Wall Mounted Stoves, D7, D8, Drop
Rocal D7, Rocal D8, Rocal Drop Wall Mounted Stoves (left to right)

The D7, D8 and Drop are the most popular models thanks to the subtle curves surrounding the fire inside. The circular D7 and the elongated circular D8 offer something totally unique in the wall mounted wood stove market, while the water droplet inspired Rocal Drop looks like it has cascaded down the wall from the ceiling expanding into a spherical base of which the fire is contained.

However, Rocal wall mounted stoves are not just great to look at, the fireboxes feature some of the most up to date air systems – ensuring a clean burn every time. Controllable primary and secondary air systems result in a tertiary clean burn system and air wash to keep the glass clean, while the optional external air feed allows for all combustion air to be pulled in from outside of the room. During a recent visit to the factory, Fireplace Products Reece Toscani got to explore these three models, here are the videos:

Transitioning between the soft curves of the Rocal D7, D8 and Drop is the D9, drawing inspiration from the Drop, the D9 has an altogether more angular look while still keep softer details around the base. Moving on to the D10, Vertex and City models, all of which feature panoramic views of the fire and showcase Rocal superb burning technology on all sides. The D10 specifically has more glass surface area than it does steel, and thanks to some clever engineering and air flow, manages to keep all of that glass clean all day long.

Rocal Wall Mounted Stoves, D9, D10, Ciry, Vertex
Rocal D9, Rocal D10, Rocal City, Vertex Wall Mounted Stoves (left to right)

After looking through the showroom and getting hands on with the finished product, Reece went behind the scenes seeing how every stove is made – he even got a sneak peak in the R&D lab where the 2018 concept models are being put together – “I was hugely impressed with the scale in which these stoves are made and produced. What struck me particularly was how much of the work is still finished by hand, giving every stove that extra bit of TLC before being boxed and shipped out around the world. They are keeping a firm eye on the future and the new Rocal wall mounted stoves that will be launched later in the year will be a welcome addition to an already exciting range, drawing on some past experiences, the wall mounted stove range is unparalleled and will cement Rocal’s name alongside wall mounted stoves for years to come.”

Rocal Factory
The Heating Revolution Starts Here – Inside The Rocal Factory

You may be thinking – surely that doesn’t mean we’re in the midst of a ‘heating revolution’? But what we need to remember is that progress from Rocal has led other stove manufacturers to follow suit and develop their own ranges of dedicated wall mounted stove models, meaning there has never been a better time to buy a wall mounted stove.

View the entire Rocal Range.

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