How to respray your wood burning stove

2380099Sometimes usage and time catches up with your wood burning stove and you realise it could use a lick of heat resistant stove paint.

Luckily this is a simple task that can really put a new lease of life into your stove. To make sure you get it right, here is a quick guide to stove paint.

How to use stove paint

  • It is important to prepare the stove and the stove paint before you begin spraying. The stove and the paint need to be at room temperature. The paint needs to be well shook for at least two minutes before use. To prepare the surface before you begin painting, rub it down with a wire-brush. This removes anything that shouldn’t be on the surface, like ash, grease or dirt.
  • Finally, make sure the room where you’ll be spraying is well ventilated and that you use a face mask.
  • When you come to using stove paint, spray slowly one side to the next. Don’t go for colouring in spots or random strokes as this will leave an uneven colouring.
  • If you’re spraying near the stove’s window be sure to remove or cover the window and rope with newspaper to prevent any drips staining the ceramic glass.
  • Leave to dry and then apply another layer, repeat this three or four times for best results.
  • When you use your stove the first time after painting you may notice a chemical smell. This is the paint curing and is not a problem – just open a window to get some fresh air in the room.

Please always read the instructions on the can and make sure the stove is not in operation (i.e on fire) when you begin painting.

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