Reminder of Burley’s generous ‘Thank You’

Don’t forget, you get plenty of great goodies and features with your Burley stove. (Tank not included)

Stove manufacturers Burley are thanking customers and welcoming them to heating season with style. Every wood burning Burley stove sold comes with a huge bundle of free goodies and useful extras. These are:

  • WP_20150902_008
    The glove and steel plate

    Moisture meter

  • Ceramic glass cleaner
  • Touch-up spray
  • Steel pads to go under the feet to prevent scratching of the hearth
  • Steel plate to stand kettles on
  • Ash scoop
  • Glove
  • Spanner to adjust the air control lever tension and ventilation
  • Allen key to adjust door handle tension if required
  • Letter to explain why the stove is the most efficient in the world and how to get the most out of it
  • A ‘Roast your nuts’ coffee mug

Phew! That should keep you busy! Alongside these handy extras, Burley have replaced the beech and black handles with beautiful English oak, which does away with the unpopular screw bolts.

Burley have a lot worth boasting about, as is apparent in the ‘thank you’ letter sent with every stove. For example,  Burley’s Fireball stove range is the most efficient stove in the world with up to 89.8% efficiency. This is due to the Fireball’s method of mixing un-burnt gases (which would otherwise be lost up the chimney as a result of incomplete combustion) with its patented vortex system, and burning them. Hot air is injected horizontally along the sides of the stove to make a whirlwind, whipping the gases together.

vortex EDIT

And then, just to prove how strong their stoves are, Burley ran two over with a 40 tonne tank. With their managing director laying between them. Seriously.

tank burley EDIT

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