Pancakes on an Everhot cooker

everhot-evh90i-electric-cooker-creamFireplace Product’s resident stove expert, pancake connoisseur and lover of Everhot cookers, Reece Toscani, took the opportunity to show you around the Everhot 90i electric cooker. And what better way to show off all its great features than by making pancakes on it!

The Everhot 90i is an electric heat storage cooking range that simply runs from a 13amp supply, and needs no flue or concrete base. With a choice of sizes from 60cm to an impressive 150cm it is easy to position alongside your standard kitchen units. It gives you all the control and versatility of modern cooking methods, together with even baking and winter warmth of the traditional range cooker.

The Everhot is a true storage range cooker designed to provide both cooking and room heating. The standard full-width grill in the upper oven is another of its many advantages over other comparable ranges. To top it all, the Everhot averages less than half the energy consumption of most other traditional ranges. Not surprisingly, for more than thirty years now, Everhot has been the choice of thousands of delighted owners across the country.

But the question on everyone’s lips is… does Reece manage to flip the pancake? Find out in the video below:


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