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Nordpeis Colorado Wood Burning Corner Stove

Have Nordpeis Cornered the Market?

Norwegian stove manufacture Nordpeis are fast becoming a household name in the UK thanks to their mesmerising flame pictures, sleek style and high efficiency. The Nordpeis range of wood burning stoves and fires are the culmination of 20+ years of industry knowledge, bringing you some of the finest home heating appliances available today. Nordpeis offer a diverse range of traditional and contemporary stoves built upon a common theme of high design, innovation and quality.

New for 2017 sees the introduction of two more contemporary models to the Nordpeis corner wood burning stove range. With increasingly more manufacturers adding corner stove models to their range we have taken an in depth look at the full range of corner models that Nordpeis offer to try and explain the models, benefits, and installation opportunities purchasing a corner stove can give you.

Choosing a Corner Wood Burning Stove

A corner wood burning stove is very appealing to many, offering panoramic views of the fire inside to a much wider viewing angle and fitting neatly into a corner to maximise room space. Unlike many stoves that feature a flat piece of glass, a corner stove typically has two pieces of glass that meet on a corner. More often than not the glass is broken up by a piece of steel to support the stove above and create a door and side window, but every once in a while we see a stove manufacture be bold and create a curved 90° angel out of a single piece of glass and fit it to a much larger door. Such is the case with the Nordpeis corner stoves.

S31a wood burning firebox from Nordpeis
Nordpeis S31a Corner Firebox

The Nordpeis S31a corner wood burning stove is the foundation for all of Nordpeis’ corner models. This well designed simple firebox features a single air control lever on the left hand side, and concealed flush fitting door handle on the right. The firebox has primary, secondary and tertiary air supplies all being pulled from a single supply which can be connected to an external air supply if required. The back corner of the stove has been cut away so that the stove is actually five sided, the advantage of this is that the S31a can be fitted against a flat wall with a rear flue exit, increasing the potential installation options.

From this wood burning firebox, Nordpeis have crafted the Quadro, Ordense and the new Colorado stove ranges. All of these feature the S31a corner wood burning stove firebox and offer an output range of 3-8kW (6.2kW nominal), have a 6″ flue outlet, efficiency of 80% and are DEFRA approved for burning wood inside smoke control areas. Like all Nordpeis stoves they feature thermotte cream lined firebricks which help reflect heat forward into the room and maintain firebox temperature. Also providing you burn clean, dry fuel the thermotte bricks will stay clean throughout the burn, should they become dirty they are only one hot burn away from becoming clean again.

Nordpeis Quadro Corner Stove Range

The Quadro range was the first Nordpeis stove incorporating the S31a firebox. Available in three models, the Quadro 1, Quadro 2 and new for 2017 the Quadro 3. The Quadro 1 features a pedestal base and stands 1225mm high. The Quadro 2 is the same height as the Quadro 1 but has a concealed storage compartment beneath the firebox, offering continuous lines from the top of the stove to the floor. The newer Quadro 3, is based upon the Quadro 2 but has an increase in height lifting the firebox an additional 130mm taking the total stove height to 1356mm.

Nordpeis Quadro Complete Range
Nordpeis Quadro Corner Stove Collection

Also available on the Quadro 1 and Quadro 2 is an additional high top section, to elevate these stoves and give them even more in room presence. This high top section increases the overall height of these two models by an additional 216mm.

Prices on the Quadro models start from £2395 in the UK.

Nordpeis Colorado & Ordense Models

Colorado Corner Wood Burning Stove
Nordpeis Colorado Natural Stone Corner Stove

Also new for 2017 is the Nordpeis Colorado stove. Based on the Quadro 2 desgin and shape, the Colorado corner stove features a natural stone base and top plate that sandwich the S31a firebox between them, the result is a two tone stove that stands proud like a pillar supporting a building. Offering texture and colour previously unseen in the Quadro range, the Colroado brings this to life and offers something more unique for a corner wood burning stove. Standing 1407mm high the Colorado still offers the same features as the Quadro, 6.2kW nominal output, 80% efficiency and top or rear flue outlets. Because the Colorado cladding is made from natural stone, it actually acts like a heat store, absorbing the heat produced while burning during the day and slowly releasing it long into the evening, even after the fire has gone out.

Prices on the Colorado start from £2795.


Ordense Croner Wood Burning Stove
Nordpeis Ordense Corner Stove



The Ordense corner wood burning stove, has been available since 2012 and proven to be very popular. Again like the Colorado, the Ordense offers a more unique look with its cast-concrete sections that surround the S31a firebox. Supplied with a built-in logstore on the lower right hand side giving you a convenient place to store your logs ready for your next burn. Thanks to the cast-concrete outer surrounding the Ordense can be placed directly into a corner with no need for an air gap between the stove and a non combustible wall. If you have a timber frame, or stud work wall you need to leave a minimal 85mm gap between the edge of the surround and the adjacent walls. As standard the Ordense surround has a natural off-white colour but because the cast-concrete is ventilated you can paint the surrounding to match your decor, using any water-based paint. Standing 1790mm high the Ordense is by far the tallest model to feature the S31a corner wood burning stove firebox and like all other models has the same 3-8kW output, 6″ flue outlet and external air supply option.

Prices on the Ordense start from £2869.


Nordepis Ordense Stove Details

Nordpeis Quadro, Colorado and Ordense stoves offer a clean design that is suitable to fit straight walls, corners or left freestanding in your room. A wide angle glass gives good view of the flames from both sides. Choose between different bases, tops and materials to suit your homes decor.

In summary, Nordpeis with one cleverly designed firebox have opened up the possibilities of a corner wood burning stove to much larger audience with these seven different models. Norway is famous for its cold winters and long nights, heavy snowfall and icy winds, thus if a Nordpeis stove is good for Norway’s extreme weather, it will be more than sufficient for the UK. Established over 20 years ago Nordpeis have been proudly incorporating heritage and time honoured traditions into every model produced and back that up with a 5 year warranty for added peace of mind.

To see all corner models, including all the Nordpeis models listed above, take a look through all of our corner stoves collection.

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