Imagine not needing newspaper, matches, fire-starters or kindling to start a fire in your stove. And no, I’m not suggesting you use a flint and steel. I’m talking about Esse’s Autoblaze.

The future is coming. Having dealt with efficiency, environmental impact and pushing the boundaries of design, the stove industry is about to modernise the way you start your fire.

autoblaze-stove-lighter-mechanismEsse have announced that they will be the first to launch an electronic ignition system for wood burning stoves. A jet of hot air blows on the logs and within eight minutes you will be enjoying a blaze made entirely with hot air, without kindling and without burnt finger tips.

The traditional matchbox stalwarts among our readers may declare the AutoBlaze, as it has been named, a lazy contraption set to destroy the rustic appeal of burning wood. The pyromaniacs among you may even lament an entirely risk-free way to light a fire. Hands up, who has singed a few arm-hairs in their time?


However it is worth considering the benefits this technology may bring to, say, the elderly, who aren’t necessarily able-bodied enough to get on their hands and knees and get their fire started. The Autoblaze also works to prepare the chimney by warming it, which helps improve the draw.

Esse will begin rolling out this feature in early November, so stay tuned for more information. If you can’t wait then please consider the Grenadier Electric Fire Lighter, which is a hand held variation, allowing you to use it for stoves, open fires or even barbecues.

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