New chapter to the AGA saga

Aga Berrington multifuel stove

British stove company AGA has been bought by American firm Middleby for £129m in a move that is set to further strengthen the brand’s iconic reputation.

The Middleby Corporation owns some of the world’s favourite food service and food preparation equipment brands and hopes to ‘buy into the British produced heritage.’

Meanwhile, AGA’s chief executive William McGrath said in a recent statement that production of AGA stoves will remain in Britain, where it has been manufactured since the 1930s.

AGA Ellesmere 6 Multifuel Stove

“We have guarantees,’ McGrath said. “Middleby is buying into the British produced heritage of this company. Middleby have no presence in the UK and they understand the unique brand we have.”

In the UK, Fireplace Products, a part of EVA UK LTD, is one of the largest distributors of AGA wood burning stoves.

James Argentieri, director of EVA (UK) LTD, said: “AGA has long been giving the world the traditional and authentic English cooking and heating experience, and continues to be a well-loved brand. As one of the largest UK distributors of AGA stoves, we at Fireplace Products are excited to be a part of this new chapter in AGA’s prestigious history.”

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