The stylish new fireguards

The fireguard has been round for as long as fires have. Their design stops kids wandering into the fire, prevent sparks and embers being spat out of the fireplace and provide your room with the general ambience associated with a fireplace.

However many designs look very traditional. This can make it hard for those with contemporary styled rooms. Fortunately manufacturers have developed ceramic glass fireguards. Ceramic glass is strong and able to withstand long exposure to intense heat. It also looks very contemporary.

Modern, simplistic and offering undisturbed views of your fire, these fireguards are an exciting new development on an old idea. Below is a selection of our favourite contemporary fireguards:

Ferrari Opus Focus Scutum Fireguard

High quality Italian manufacturer Ferrari’s hand finished fireguard is the epitome of simplicity and beauty.

Ferrari Opus Focus Scutum firescreen

Conmoto Mentas Fireguard

Made from strong ceramic glass and allowing stunning views of the fire, this firescreen is very much at home in any modern setting.

Stovax GSFL Straight Glass Fire Screens

Protection from intense heat, spitting embers whilst coupled with a great view of the fire is a key element with all modern fireguards. The Manor 2073 Vision is a great example of this style.

Stovax GSFL Straight Glass Fire Screens


See more fireguards and screens of many styles by visiting our website.

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