Jotul wood burning stoves: where form meets function

Jotul are Norwegian stove makers, drawing on more than 160 years’ worth of experience in battling the freezing cold. Their stoves unite form and function, and are renowned the world over for the quality of construction and the long lasting, consistently high performance of every one their cast-iron beauties.


Jotul was founded in 1853, making it a strong contender for the title of the oldest wood fired stove manufacturers in the world! And you don’t make it that far without learning a thing or two about heating. They are the quintessential Norwegian brand, drawing on a richly vibrant creative culture, channeling this into every stove they produce. That is, the spirit of Jotul is the spirit of Denmark, the spirit of warmth and comfort.

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All Jotul stoves are constructed from solid cast-iron, owing to its extreme durability and longevity under stress. This metal will not warp or bend under the pressure of being frequently fired, maintaining its shape and function for years to come. The other reason cast-iron is used for construction is that it has superior heat retentive properties, holding on to the heat of the fire for hours and releasing slowly. This means you get the best possible burn for your buck.

So confident are Jotul in the longevity of their products that they offer a 25 year warranty on all cast-iron stoves. So you can rest assured that your stove is built to last, and that Jotul themselves have put their money where their mouth is to back it up.

jotul stove

As if this wasn’t enough,they consistently win awards for the design of their stoves spanning both contemporary and classical themes, they have designed themes to suit every interior and accommodate every climate. Speaking of climate, many Jotul stoves are DEFRA approved. Built from the ground up to satisfy the criteria laid out by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), this allows these stoves to burn wood inside smoke control zones.

See the full range of Jotul stoves here.

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