What is an induction hob?

We sell plenty of beautiful cookers with their innovative induction hobs but it until you know how they work you will never fully appreciate them! So to help, this blog post gets to the bottom of induction hobs.

We’ve all seen those pictures of a cutaway saucepan on an induction hob, a chocolate bar half in and half out. The half in the saucepan is a melted, chocolaty puddle of goo whilst the other is as solid as the day it was bought. Fascinating, but how does it do that?

Induction means electricity is generated through magnetism. Its full name is electromagnetic induction, but no one has time for that mouthful so it’s just called induction, but it goes a good way to explaining what is going on in your hob.

How does it work?

Esse EL13amp electric cooker induction hobs
Esse EL13amp electric cooker with induction hotplates

An electronically controlled coil of metal produces a magnetic field around it when you run a current through it. To produce a fluctuating magnetic field, an alternating current is used. A constantly moving magnetic field moves around the metal of the pan. This dissipates the energy of the excited electrons through the metal in the form of heat. And then, before you know it, you’ve burnt dinner.

Now the really interesting part is this: you can put your hand on the hob and not feel any heat. Obviously don’t do this just after a hot saucepan has been sitting on the hob, as it is likely to leave behind some of its heat.

Science is constantly improving the way we heat, eat and live, and this very efficient method of cooking really shows this. Step into the 21st century kitchen and cook with induction.

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  1. This is really incredible, I’m very impressed with how far technology has come! I’m doing my research into induction cookers and just don’t know what to go for! Do you have any recommendations?

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