Online misinformation tackled by blog to improve customer confidence

Fireplace Products has launched a newly integrated blog within its redesigned website in an attempt to combat the sheer amount of misleading and damaging information found on the internet.

After a number of customers had accidentally damaged their stoves after following bad advice and unprofessional opinion on the internet, we decided to further integrate our award-winning blog into our new website, to help provide clear, concise and correct information to the consumer.

Director Reece Toscani explained: “It is important for customers to find the correct information quickly and easily, not only to improve service from us, but to also reduce the risk of serious damage to their products – or worse. We have set out to provide information on a whole range of subjects within the stove, fire and fireplace industry, from maintenance and safety tips to simple explanations of building regulations and even design ideas.’

Reece also explained that by being so forthcoming with information will also go towards helping the industry as a whole. ‘There are a number of manufacturers within our industry who are wary of the internet, often with good cause.’ He continued: ‘I hope that by putting our reputation on the line and wearing our credentials on our sleeve, we will prove to manufacturers that online retailers are responsible and professional and that our customers will receive top quality advice that they can count on.’

There is a lot of information available on the internet that is either incorrect or contradictory, coming from people who have little experience or knowledge within the fireplace or stove world. It is also possible for people to fail to understand that many products are different in terms of operation and requirements, and what works well for one may not be the best for another. Customers, desperate for information, will often take this as fact, with detrimental results.

Fireplace Products’s new website comes after months of work and research to bring together the wealth of knowledge and experience within its team.

‘It is as much about raising the integrity of the industry and providing consumers with the best information as it is about eventually guiding them towards the right purchase for them,’ said Reece. ‘While ultimately we aim to sell products, we also have a duty of care, as an industry, to provide people with fair and accurate information.’

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