Hygge checklist – Get cosy this Winter

Hygge: the art of cosiness. The Danish have been practising it for years, however it seems to have only just made the leap across the North Sea onto British shores. A recent interest in all things Scandinavian Chic has Brits aiming for simplicity and comfort in every room of their homes. Yet arguably the greatest way of achieving hygge comes through enjoying the logs crackling in a stove or fire.

In Denmark, 30% of homes have a fireplace or stove, with most Danes listing fire in their top three requirements for achieving hygge.

What are you waiting for? Here is a Fireplace Products’ take on the best way to turn your home into the cosy haven of hygge you’ve always wanted, simply with the help of your stove.


A key part of hygge is curling up with your favourite hot drink. Not only does coffee seem to taste better having been prepared the old fashioned way, on your stove, but the process leaves your room smelling delicious afterwards.

To do this, get your hands on a stove top coffee maker. They’re easy to use and you’ll find yourself craving this method over any other. For tea lovers, a stove top kettle is a great way to boil water and add a little bit more moisture to your room at the same time, taking the edge off the dry heat a stove can produce. If you plan to drink the water from the kettle, be sure to purchase an enamelled kettle. It is not advisable to drink from dehumidifier kettles that are not enamel.

Alternatively, cocoa in a small saucepan bubbling atop your stove is incredibly relaxing and homely; a great treat for all the family.


Log store

Ferrari Opus Focus Fagus Leather Log BagA log store is not only practical; it is key to the aesthetic of your room and perhaps even a part of your room’s décor.

On a practical level, an indoor logstore allows you to neatly prepare your fuel for your next burn, with less mess. Keeping your fuel indoors, next to your stove saves you from having to venture out into the cold every time you need to refuel your fire.

It is also a handy way to keep your pet dog from taking his pick of your logs and chewing them to splinters on your carpet.

From the perspective of home décor and hygge, having a logstore provides a textured, natural element for your room. Neatly cut, dry logs can be as effective as a sculpture or art piece in your home, drawing the eye and giving out a calming, earthy sensation.

hergom-e-20-wood-burning-stove hygge logs in background

Cook on your stove

See that flat top on your cast-iron stove? That is prime cooking space. Get your stove up to temperature and experiment. Soups in saucepans and sausages in cast-iron frying pans are always a success, but you can go further.

Wrap a baking potato in tin foil, smear in butter and place it in your stove’s firebox (make sure you use tongs to put it in and to take it out). Buy a toasting fork and make toast the old-fashioned way!

Alternatively, if all of that seems like a step too far, toast some marshmallows.


Spread some cosy

Stove fans are a good way to shift your stove’s heat out of the fireplace or inglenook in which it sits.

Here is a blog post on how this great device works, but essentially this fan is powered by nothing but the heat of your stove – no batteries required.

Manor 3285 Phantom Stove Fan

Family and relaxation

The best way to achieve hygge is to relax with family and friends. Good food, good company and good conversation is often just what the soul ordered. A stove, with an inviting fire burning within, serves as a focus of the room, drawing people around it. It serves as a conversation starter should the need arise, and a stove provides a gleeful, cosy backing track to your evening’s proceedings, crackling away to itself.

How do you embrace hygge in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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