How to: Prepare your chimney for use again


Having problems lighting your stove after a few months of not using it? Got smoke coming out of the stove door whenever you open it to add more fuel? Sounds like you need to prepare your chimney!

Preparing your flue for the heat of a stove is very important, especially if it has not been used for a number of months. As a it draws air through the stove, hot air rises and moves high to low pressure, so it is important to heat up the air in the chimney to stop cold air preventing the escape of smoke and gases.

Simply light a firestarter close to the flue by placing it on a log, and wait for it to burn itself out. The heat of the flames will be drawn up the chimney. Once this has been done, you are ready to light your fire in your stove.

In the video below, Fireplace Products‘ Reece Toscani explains how and why you should prepare your chimney:

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