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At Fireplace Products we pride ourselves on choice. We strongly believe that having a choice is a great thing. We want all of our customers to know what products are available to them, to ensure that they are choosing the “Fireplace Product” that is right for them. Here’s a blog post on the sheer amount of choice available.

Unlike many companies in our industry, we offer a truly gigantic selection of products from every aspect of the fireplace and stove industry from one place and more products are added and updated every day, ensuring you have a great choice of the very best and newest fireplace products and always at competitive prices.

Fireplace Products are proud to be one of the UK’s largest online stores to offer wood burning stoves, range cookers, chimney flue systems and fireside accessories, as well as electric fires and traditional fireplaces.

Going the extra mile, the potential downside of having so much choice is that it can be overwhelming if you are not sure what you want. To assist in this we have a team of highly trained sales professionals at the end of the phone to answer any questions you may have, no matter how trivial you may consider them to be.

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5 thoughts on “Website Help

  1. Hi
    I have a Charnwood island 111B and when I open the fire doors I get fumes into the room from the stove , I use a smokeless fuel called excel but we still get fumes from it , when we refuel the stove we get fumes from it also we can see smoke coming from the chimney this stove is not a year old , when I have looked on the web before people have complained about blow back from the stove , I like the stove but the fumes are putting me of , I open the door slowly and also turn the control to full to draw the fire .
    what am I doing wrong !

    1. Hi Paul, How many times have you used the stove? I wonder if the smoke coming from the chimney is not paint burn off. Do you have a CO Alarm? If not , make sure you get one as this will alert you if any harmful carbon monoxide is leaking from the chimney. This would be my first concern. If in doubt, stop using it and get someone round to smoke test the chimney and make sure nothing has come dislodged. As for the stove smoking when you open the doors, it could be the the pull on the chimney is slow or lazy, or that you are getting downdraft in your chimney. There are cowls available that can help prevent this from occurring, anti downdraft cowls would be the first step, failing that you can put a spinning cowl that helps to create updraught which should also negate this issue. If you are having someone back to check the chimney, ask them about preforming a flue draught test, and compare the results against what Charnwood say in their manual as to the usual operating parameters. This should help determine if you need to change the cowl and to which one. But like i say, make sure you have a CO alarm in place, and test it is working. Then get someone to check the chimney for leaks, it could be paint burn off if the stove is relatively new and unused, but this is one of those better safe than sorry situations. Charnwood make very good stoves, so it is unlikely being caused by the stove, the flue is far more likely to be causing the problems. Hope this helps Reece – Fireplace products

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