Halloween fireplace ideas from around the internet

Halloween is a great time of the year to utilise the traditional style of your fireplace. Like Christmas, your fireplace can be decorated to create the stunning centre piece of ghoulish mayhem that you need to get your party started.

Here are our ten of our favourite spooky ideas that we’ve spotted from around the internet. If you want more, feel free to checkout our dedicated Pinterest board!

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…”
It isn’t Halloween without a pumpkin…
“My mother-in-law always likes to make an entrance when she visits…”
Simple but effective: keep those zombies out!
Artistic use of colour. And skeletons.
Not just a draft coming down your chimney…
Turn your large fireplace into a gothic monlith
Create a Gothic monolith.
Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas…
Red walls were made for Halloween. fireplace
Red walls were made for Halloween.
If you're going to decorate your fireplace, this is how you do
If you’re going to go full Addams Family, you can’t forget your fireplace

Credit: Flickr.compartycity.comshipsandlaserbeams.com,



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