NEWS: Canadian class action against glass fronted fireplaces

Class action against glass fronted fires


VANCOUVER, June 6, 2015 (via – A class action has come before the Canadian Supreme Court against defendants who designed, manufactured and sold gas burning glass fronted fireplaces. In the action the plaintiffs claimed that gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves became too hot when turned on, and pose a significant danger to anyone, and particularly to young children, who touch the hot glass.

The court has now ruled in favour of the of the class action approving a partial settlement, and four of the defendants: Miles Industries Ltd., Canadian Heating Products, Inc., Monessen Hearth Canada, Inc., and Monessen Hearth Systems Company, (trading as Vermont Castings Group), have offered members a free protective screen or barrier to fit infront of the fireplaces. Those defendants sold fireplaces under the names MONTIGO, VALOR, MAJESTIC, VERMONT CASTINGS, MONESSEN, LEXINGTON FORGE, and DUTCH WEST.

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If you are a Canadian resident of British Columbia and had a fireplace, insert or stove from one of the above manufactures installed between January 1st 2001 and December 31st 2014, then you will be automatically included within the class action. Residents living outside of British Columbia can join the class action and receive a free protective screen or barrier by calling the claims administrator and completing a form by no later than 6th June 2016.

SOURCE: Crawford & Company (Canada) Inc.

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