Get more out of summer: Top four chimeneas for less than £50

The British Summertime may be elusive, but when you can, make the most of it. Here’s how:

Familiar summertime scene

The Great British Summertime. An enigma for most, a myth for the Scots and sometimes wetter than winter, it is not something we should allow to pass us by when it blooms into blazing fruition on those rare occasions. Once the sun has been coaxed out into the open, once the sugar-addicted wasps have been shooed out of your cider and once the furious sunburn has been tamed, there is truly nothing quite like it.

We need to embrace these moments. All too often the skies darken with biblical intensity and a torrent of rain drenches the land and douses your barbecue.

True moments of summertime may be few and far between, but when they do occur they must be cherished. Get out there and make the most of it. Step blinking and dazed into the dazzling sunlight, cast off winter’s scarves and mittens, sweat profusely from places you forgot had sweat glands and use phrases like ‘oh it ain’t half hot’, ‘hose-pipe ban’ and ‘hotter than Ibiza’ on anyone within earshot.

When the sun eventually goes down, we can’t afford to go inside. Not with summer hanging so tentatively in the balance. Tomorrow may bring rain. Tomorrow may bring gale force winds. Tomorrow may bring 6’ snow drifts, avalanches and marauding polar bears. Enjoy it while you can.

The best way to enjoy the evening is to fire-up a chimenea, which keeps you warm while you enjoy good food and great company. After the intense rays of the sun you need something to keep you in your shorts and flip-flops. You need something to stop your teeth gently beginning to chatter whilst someone points at a random collection of stars and declares it some unverifiable constellation you’re not entirely sure exists.  So here are our four favourite chimeneas for under £50.

Gardeco Medalla Small

This chimenea may be small, coming in at 750mm tall, but the traditional clay body will radiate heat all around. £27.00


Gardeco Copan Medium Pyramid

If you’d like a more contemporary design, then the Gardeco Copan Medium Pyramid is for you. Smooth, minimalist and open on all four sides, this chimenea will warm and delight all who sit around it. £32.80

Gardeco Copan Medium Chiminea

La Hacienda Honeypot

We really like the simplistic and traditional style of this chimenea. Hand made in the traditional way, this chimenea looks authentic and creates a cosy atmosphere. £44.00


La Hacienda Leon

The La Hacienda Leon steel chimenea has a mesh belly to ensure heat and light from the fire is effectively distributed, which is great when the suns go down and you need to take the chill off that evening air. £48.20

La Hacienda Leon 56156 Chimenea

We have plenty more chimeneas, firepits, barbecues and pizza ovens you can choose from on our website.

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