Five gift ideas for the outdoorsman in your life

It’s hard work buying gifts for someone who spends their every waking moment outside. They’re probably very precise, maybe a little rough around edges, but overall, lovable. We know you want to treat them this Christmas, but perhaps a spa weekend or a onesie isn’t quite right. Rest assured, Fireplace Products are on hand to give you some inspiration.

A Quality Canvas Bag

Your outdoorsman appreciates quality that doesn’t compromise practicality. A log bag not only provides an easy means of transporting fuel to your fire, it can be simply a handy carry bag.

Outdoor Cooking Firepit

Being outside in all weather can make you peckish and cold. The best solution to beat both is to strike up a fire and cook a meal. An outdoor cooking firepit is the perfect means of doing this, safely and cleanly – no scorch marks on the ground and far easier to control than an open fire.


A Stylish Firepoker

Just because he spends most of his time outside, perhaps up to his knees in mud, doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy style. A Harrie Leendes Takk Premium fire poker not only gives ultimate command of the fire, it looks and feel great.

Match Holder

They say its the simple things that matter, and a match holder is certainly one of those. Nobody likes to discover their matches crushed or damp after being thrown in a rucksack, especially at that crucial moment when a fire is needed for a brew. Match holders protect your matches.

Cast Iron Cooking Tools

Nothing beats cooking outdoors, especially on an open fire. But thanks to modern advancements, you’re not just restricted to a grill. Take a look at these cast cooking irons – simply fill with food and put in the fire.

If you still need inspiration, take a look at our selection of cookware, fireside accessories and outdoor firepits.

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  1. This list is great, I got a few of these last year and my buddy loved them. However, you should add campcloud hammocks on here for sure. I found their site a few months ago after seeing they sponsored most outdoor trade shows. Their prices are half off other hammock companies and I think the designs are pretty awesome, but maybe that is just me! But quality is definitely amazing. It’s if you do another write-up!

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