Don’t decorate your fireplace until you’ve read this

Your fireplace is the centrepiece of your room, make sure it looks beautiful.

fireplace tiles in fireplace insertA picture of tradition, fireplace tiles are the perfect way to transform your fireplace insert. When it comes to picking the decoration you want to be armed with all the information you need to what better than to have our resident fireplace products expert Reece Toscani explain the difference in fireplace tiles. 

Tube lined fireplace tiles are almost identical to the type of tiles you would have found in a Victorian Fireplace – the process of making these tiles is much the same as it ever was. The design on the tile is raised and this is done by hand by a very skilled tile maker. The easiest way to explain how they put the design on to the tile is to compare it to piping icing on to a cake.

As this is a hand-crafted product there is a small chance some lines wont join up between tiles and the design may not be exact on all sets, especially if it is made in China. But, with all things in this industry, you get what you pay for and slightly pricier tiles are made in Britain, and come in at a much higher quality.

tube lined tile transfer tile
Tube lined tile (left) vs transfer tile (right)

The second type of tile you can use to decorate your fireplace is a transfer tile. Cheaper than tube lined tiles, transfer tiles are consistent across all tile as the design is printed on to the tile.

So whether you’re looking for a truly traditional fireplace design or if you’re looking to use machine precision to show off your fire, we have the fireplace product for you. Get in touch in the comments below or by email if you have any questions!

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