Fireplace Products’ website through the ages

Fireplace Products revealed last week that we will be launching a brand new website in October, nine years after the first website went live.

Often, the best way to move forward is to know where you have come from. With this in mind, we thought we’d take a look back at the site’s development from across almost a decade.


Despite launching in 2007, Fireplace Products, or Fireplace Product Ltd as it was known then, began in earnest in 2008. Although basic in design, and operating under a .info domain instead of the domain we now reside under, it’s still clear Fireplace Products had begun to grow an extensive range of products, from stoves, bio fires, chimeneas and cookers. Over the years this would only continue to grow.



By 2010 the Fireplace Products website had so many products that we needed to figure out a robust way of categorising the products. This made it easier for our customers to find the right product for them but it also helped us to expand into other areas of the market. Below is a product page for Carron stoves.



In 2012 we moved a step closer to the website we have today, although this version was slightly too text heavy. We’ve noticed that tastes online change, and people’s reactions to a website’s design is almost cyclical. The footer on the 2012 version of the website bears remarkable similarities with the footer we chose to use on the 2016 version. Also, worth noting, our Facebook page had a wholesome total of just 36 likes!



The version of the website our readers are most likely familiar with. The internet’s tastes shifted towards a more image-based design.



Ok, here is a glimpse into the future. These are some screengrabs of our new website which will be launched in October. As you can see, it is still the Fireplace Products that you have come to love, but boasting a more streamlined, slicker style. We’ve even gone mobile!


2016 2


As we move into the latest version of the website, we’re excited to not only provide a level of product detail and ergonomic design to set us apart and help our customers find the perfect fireplace product for them.

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