Fireplace Products help family in distress

We’ve all been there. At first that DIY project seems so straight forward, so clear and simple that you set about it with hammer and saw with reckless abandon, only to see it all spiral out of control before your eyes. Soon your dream house is uninhabitable and you’ve had to move back in with your parents, with your wife and four kids in tow.

That is what happened to the Oakes family from the West Midlands. A welcome relief from their previous two-up-two-down house, this new house was supposed to provide more space for the family of six. However, severely in need of renovation, and due to their inexperience in project management, they were forced out and into Mr Oakes’ parent’s house.

With around £40,000 worth of work still needing to be done to the house and no clear solution in sight, the Oakes were becoming desperate. Then they contacted Channel 5’s Cowboy Builders and plans were put in place to help them out.

‘It’s like we’ve been pushing a car up a hill for months and we are right near the top but are in danger of slipping backwards,’ said Mr Oakes. ‘We just need a little helping hand and we should get there.’

As a gesture of goodwill, and because we hate to see a good fireplace in tatters, Fireplace Products donated a brand new La Hacienda Barcelona wall mounted bio-ethanol fire to the cause.

Speaking of the donation, Fireplace Product’s Reece Toscani said: ‘We’ve all seen these types of shows on TV, where a family’s life is put on hold while they struggle to fix their house, and it looks like hell. So when the opportunity arises to lend a helping hand, no matter how small, we always do our bit.

‘I hope the Oakes enjoy their newly renovated home and get plenty of joy from their La Hacienda Barcelona fire!’

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