Fireplace Products offers more choice than anyone else!

It’s official, offers more choice than its competitors. We have a whopping 1,561 stoves on offer on our new revamped website. This is approximately three times the industry average of 527! This is one of our six new customer promises. We promise to offer more choice than our competition, and it is one we intend to keep going forward.

Director Reece Toscani said: ‘Fireplace products is proud to be able to offer its customers such an extensive choice. We are confident that we will able to provide anyone with their dream stove.  Now with the new Stove-Finder tool being rolled out across our website, it has never been easier to find one that suits you and your needs!’


We surveyed the online stove industry* to find out what the standard of choice was like and created a top-ten. What we found was that we offered almost twice as many stoves as our closest rival:  (826), nearly three times as many as (563), and more than the bottom 5 websites combined (1,202)!


It hasn’t been easy amassing such a vast product catalogue, but it was worth it to give our customers such a great choice of products. After all, a stove will stay with you for years and years. It will become a centre-piece in your home as well as a source of light and warmth. So it’s definitely worth looking at more than a few and comparing a couple before making such a significant purchase. Now it’s official, there is no better place to compare stoves than!

*this information reflects that of online stove retailers as of 02/10/2016, and was readily accessible through their search functions. Any retailers left out of the running either were unreachable through Google or were not easy enough to assess accurately given the reliability of their website.

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