Take a Pit-stop (Everything you need to know about fire-pits)

ak47 firepit

Picture the scene: a cloudless summer’s evening in the garden, it’s been a beautiful day but the temperature is starting to drop now, you can just make out the first twinkling of the stars as dusk draws on. It’s too nice to go inside! You’re with your family and friends, there’s no need to retreat from nature and cut the evening short, just light a fire and keep the day alive!

All you need is a firepit (and something to burn). Safety is clearly the top priority wherever fire is concerned, so naturally all of our pits are designed with that in mind, containing and absorbing the heat so you won’t char your decking or kill a patch of your dutifully manicured lawn. Beyond that the possibilities are almost endless, and depending on your taste there’ll be a firepit with your name on it.

Has your garden already got a rustic, country vibe to it? Our large La Hacienda Zanga pit made from natural rusty steel and weathered for added effect will look right at home, sitting off ground in its elegant three legged frame. It also doubles as a barbecue with the simple addition of a semicircle grill, so you can simply sit back and watch the flames or get stuck in and cook up a feast. The choice is yours.

More of a modern feel in your outdoor space? This distinctively contemporary Conmoto Fera stainless steel pit will add its own mirror-like charm to the mix; concentric circles of stainless steel make for low maintenance and a guaranteed spectacle once the fire light starts bouncing around its shiny interior surface.

And now for something completely different: this suspended AK47 Tripee Steel pit hangs within a tripod frame, the very definition of unique. It’s a centrepiece, an attention grabber, for those who want that little extra spark.


Firepits can be a great way to get more out of your garden and enjoy it long after the sun has set without catching a chill. They can serve as a focal point around which conversation flows, they can be a piece of art in their own right, or they can be a simple unassuming vessel for the unmatched beauty of a dancing fire.

Reconnect with nature this summer at Fireplace Products.

(Nature not included.)

Large featured image is the AK47 Rondo firepit.

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